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K-State Today

October 4, 2011

Tech tip: Free dotEPUB converts any Web page into an e-book

Submitted by Betsy Edwards

DotEPUB  is "software in the cloud" that avid readers will appreciate. Eric Dover, client services manager in iTAC, recommended this free tool for K-Staters who like to save complete Web pages for offline reading later — such as extensive articles, news stories, long blogs and more.

But it's not an add-on or an app. This nebulous tool is a bookmarklet for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera Web browsers. Chrome users can opt to download the dotEPUB extension from the Chrome store instead.

Once content is downloaded, it can be viewed by any e-pub-compatible device, including  Kindle and other e-readers, desktop computers, tablets, the iPhone and other smartphones, iPod touch, iPads and more.

  1. (iPad users:  First get the free iBooks app or another e-reader, so you have a place to store downloaded content.)
  2. Everyone: Go to the dotepub.com website.
  3. The default is NOT to include images and links on webpages. If you want to see pictures and follow links to websites, uncheck the box "Immersive mode (no links or images)".
  4. Follow the instructions for your particular e-device, such as drag-and-drop the "dot E PUB" logo (most Web browsers); copy-and-paste the supplied Javascript code (iPads); and so forth.

For more information, visit the dotepub.com website and watch the two-minute dotEPUB video on YouTube.