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August 30, 2011

Campus technology updates plentiful during summer break

Submitted by Rebecca Gould

Since May, Information Technology Services has been busy sprucing up the campus network, upgrading technology, and more. Below is a short list of the projects that occurred over the summer.

1. Network upgrades.
Information Technology Services completed a total network upgrade to Fairchild Hall, and added wireless in Ahearn, Call, and Willard halls. The average number of users during high usage periods is approximately 6,700. Information Technology Services is in the process of a total building rewire for Cardwell Hall plus new electronics. Information Technology Services installed a new network access control system, SafeConnect in the residence halls which ensures that computers are up-to-date with operating systems, patches and antivirius configurations.

2. Wireless network security.
Information Technology Services increased the security of the wireless network implementing the industry standard WPA2 Enterprise. K-Staters will find three new SSIDs  — network names — in their list of wireless networks available on campus:

  • KSU Wireless, for all K-Staters
  • KSU Guest, for campus visitors (no access to K-State Enterprise Systems)
  • KSU Housing, for residence hall and Jardine residents only

3. Nine more technology classrooms.
Nine general-use classrooms that are part of the upgrade for 50 rooms to basic technology were completed. The rooms include: 112 Bluemont Hall, 208 Fairchild Hall, 216 Kedzie Hall, 2 Natatorium, 162 Seaton Hall, 132 Waters Hall, and 120, 122, and 123 in Willard Hall. The technology includes a projector, a simple control panel, switching equipment, and sound amplification. These systems are based on new digital standards, allowing for HDMI, VGA, Component, and Composite inputs. Additional general-use classrooms will be completed over the next two years.

4. Parking services and textbooks. 
Information Techonlogy Services worked with Parking Services to update the Parking System. Information Technology Services modified the information available to students on the textbooks by adding two additional links for textbooks accessible from the Student Services Center in iSIS.

5. Content management system.
In conjunction with the Division of Communications and Marketing, Information Technology Services rolled out the new content management system to make it easier for units across campus to upgrade webpages. Information Technology Services also changed the messages that users receive when there is an error locating information on the K-State Web presence.

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