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May 20, 2014

May 7 Classified Senate highlights

Submitted by Susan Erichsen

A draft of the meeting minutes are online.

Guest speakers

A. Mandi McKinley from K-State First and Jared Miller from career services talked about the First-Year Program and Learning Communities, the K-State Book Network and the Guide to Personal Success, GPS, Program. Jared has been a mentor for the past year and discussed the opportunities involved with serving as a mentor and encourages everyone to volunteer. Last year they had 380 students signed up and 186 mentors/guides.

B. Ameerah McBride from affirmative action spoke about PPM 3010 and the Federal law change to include domestic violence and stalking. Complaints have to be filed within 60 days and if it is a sexual violence case you can bring an advisor or attorney. Employees can register online for Title IX sexual harassment and assault training on May 19. Anti-discrimination training policy can be taken online and will be required for employees to complete once year.

Senate standing committees

A. Legislative Affairs Committee — Lesa Reves reported the bylaws are ready to be approved with one correction. She also noted that changes can be made at any senate meeting as long as there is a quorum present.

B. Recognition Ceremony Committee — Doris Galvan thanked everyone for their help at the ceremony last week.

New business

Lesa moved to accept the emailed version of the University Support Staff Senate bylaws dated May 7 with the change in Article X, Section 2 "Benefits Fair" to "Benefits Expo." Dale Billam seconded the motion. Under discussion. Motion passed with one abstention.

Associate vice president/human resources and parking services report

Jennifer Gehrt reported she is working with K-State's legal counsel regarding Appeals Board procedures and university support staff payroll transitions. The Kansas Legislature approved a $250 bonus to be paid in December to all state employees working full time and at least one year. Meetings are being held with human resource specialists regarding the new reporting procedures in accordance with the Alternative Care Act. Until the new vice president for human capital is hired and a new pay plan is implemented, pay grades and position specifications will remain the same, but the steps will go away. In June, departments will generate letters to each employee regarding salary, pay grade, etc.

The next meeting will be 12:30 p.m. June 4 at the Frith Community Center in the Jardine Apartment Complex.