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May 7, 2014

K-State School of Leadership Studies students interact with Woodrow Wilson students

Submitted by Chelsea Gerber


A group of students from Senior Seminar, LEAD 450, in the School of Leadership Studies recently stopped by Woodrow Wilson Elementary School to visit with fifth-grade and sixth-grade classes.

The K-State students, who are completing their minor in leadership studies, were able to engage the elementary students with topics, which have been discussed during their leadership studies at K-State.

"It was really great to get out in the community and connect with younger students in the Manhattan area," said Scott Calovich, senior in family studies and human services. "The children at Woodrow Wilson Elementary, in my experience, truly brightened the road for future leadership."

Woodrow Wilson principal Deb Nauerth has collaborated with the School of Leadership Studies for the past two year to engage her students with leadership students from K-State.

"The LEAD 450 students provide a great opportunity for our students to reflect on the characteristics and qualities of effective leaders," Nauerth said. "Through this activity, they are able to identify positive leadership in their school, community, state and abroad. The K-State students are models of strong leadership and bring a fun synergy to our classrooms. We are proud of this partnership, as it is a foundation to allow our students to reflect on their own leadership potential and skills."

School of Leadership Studies students facilitated small groups with the elementary students to help engage them on topics of leadership. A brief survey was given to the students ahead of time to learn who the students believed were good leaders. Responses from the students included: Michael Jordan, Gabby Douglas, Martin Luther King Jr., and George Washington. School of Leadership Studies students helped engage the students to think about the traits of those leaders that made them good leaders.

"The opportunity to teach sixth-graders at Woodrow Wilson Elementary was quite the experience," said Abby Guenther, senior in food science and industry. "To be able to take leadership principles I have learned throughout college and apply them to my own life, and then share that with younger generations was extremely rewarding. I was able to talk to a girl who wanted to be a zoologist when she gets older. Although I won't be able to see the long-term impact of teaching her about the characteristics of a leader, her youthful attitude and insight of how she planned on becoming a leader made an impact on me."