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May 16, 2011

Summary of Unclassified Professionals Task Force Report

Submitted by Betsy Cauble

Unclassified Professionals Task Force submits first report after Spring semester of meetings 

In January of 2011 the Provost and Faculty Senate President charged the Unclassified Professionals Task Force (UPTF) with reviewing current policies and procedures related to managing unclassified positions, identifying what is missing and recommending a working document that clearly defines those areas that are missing. 

After meeting throughout the Spring semester the UPTF identified four major areas that need clearly defined policies and procedures or development of guidelines and best practices. These four areas include (1) position management, (2) performance management, (3) recruitment and retention, and (4) professional development and career development plans. 

The task force is committed and very passionate about the need to address deficiencies in these four major areas for the unclassified professional group which makes up one-third of KSU’s workforce. Implementation of policies and procedures and development of best practices to address these four areas requires various levels of expertise and a commitment of time and resources.  

The UPTF presented their report to the Provost and Faculty Senate President on May 2, 2011 and to Faculty Senate at their May 10, 2011 meeting. The task force has made two recommendations at this time. These recommendations are (1) that the University administration identify an office and appropriate resources to focus on the development of policies and procedures to address these four areas; and (2) once these resources are identified the UPTF continue their work by serving as an advisory group to the office and persons identified to develop and/or clarify these policies and procedures.  

The Task Force believes that with resources directed toward this purpose along with the continued involvement of this task force an effective and timely implementation process can occur to address these needs. 

The UPTF wishes to thank President Schulz, Provost Mason, Faculty Senate President Betsy Cauble and members of the Faculty Senate for giving the task force the opportunity to represent the KSU unclassified professional workforce by sharing thoughts and ideas for improvement and allowing this task force to be a part of the solution process.  

KSU employees may contact any member of the task force if they have questions or wish to learn more about the work completed to date by the task force.  Members of the UPTF are:

Kris Boone, Ruth Dyer, Jennifer Gehrt, Michelle White-Godinet, Lori Goetsch, Carla Jones, Kerry Day Keller, James Lyall, Ernie Perez, Priscilla Roddy (Chair), Alyson Rome, Loleta Sump Susan Valdovinos, and Fran Willbrant.