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November 2, 2011

Faculty Senate requesting applications for mediation coordinator

Submitted by Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee, on the recommendation of the Faculty Senate president, appoints the coordinator of mediation services. The role of the coordinator is to facilitate a confidential, unbiased, formal mediation process to resolve concerns and disputes that arise within the university. The coordinator is an information, communication and referral resource available to the faculty and unclassified professionals who seek mediation services on a voluntary basis.

The coordinator is not a mediator, arbitrator, or advocate for any person or position, but is an advocate for fair processes and fair administration. The coordinator will exercise the responsibilities of the position with objectivity and impartiality. All communications with the coordinator are confidential.

The duties of the Coordinator of Mediation are: (1) providing information about mediation services; (2) guiding and assessing individuals about the appropriateness of mediation; (3) assisting individuals who choose to use mediation to through the initial stages of the mediation process, (4) organizing the logistics of each mediation; and (5) serving on Dispute Resolution Working Group.

Candidates for the coordinator of mediation services shall have service qualifications that demonstrate knowledge of university structure and operations, such as service on Faculty Senate. Faculty candidates shall have attained tenure in their respective departments. Unclassified professional candidates shall be on regular appointments. People in positions of line authority (e.g., department heads, deans, and some directors) shall not be appointed. The coordinator should not serve in additional roles within the university that would compromise the ability to be perceived as unbiased. Any qualified person wishing to be considered for the coordinator appointment may contact the Faculty Senate President.

The coordinator of mediation services will receive a $5,000 annual stipend above current salary and shall serve a three-year term, which shall begin Jan. 1. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall have the option to renew the appointment for one additional term. A coordinator who is unable or unwilling to adhere to the mediation process as described in Appendix U is subject to immediate replacement at the discretion of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. If for any reason the coordinator cannot complete a term, the term of the replacement will be for the balance of the original term. The coordinator of mediation services will be included in the annual list of all-university appointments and the campus directory.

Faculty Senate requests interested candidates submit a 1-2 page letter of application. 

The letter should cover the following topics: a) your understanding of the role of the person in the position; b) interest in the position; c) education and experience that would qualify you for the position; d) how you see this work fitting in with your current job responsibilities; e) other relevant information you want to include.

Please send your information via email to Candace LaBerge, office of Faculty Senate, by Nov. 16.