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Frequently Asked Questions

For assistance with Online Teval, you can use the self-paced, online tutorial or contact the Teaching & Learning Center.

Getting Started
Reports and Faculty Information Form (FIF)

Getting Started with Online Teval

Sign in to Online Teval

You can sign in to Online Teval directly with your eID and password. You will need to authorize the Online Teval app the first time you go to Online Teval. You can also access Online Teval from your K-State Online powered by Canvas profile.

Online Teval app in Canvas

Some older courses may have added the Teval app to their course navigation. Because all those on the course roster can view this link, including students, we recommend that you consider removing this app from your course. Students can only access Teval through the unique link that is emailed to them; they cannot access Teval through your course. Disable the Online Teval by following these step-by-step instructions. The coordination and administration of TEVAL student ratings is the responsibility of each department. While you will still need to sign in with your eID and password, you can also access Online Teval directly

Online Teval

Online versions are created by the instructor and emailed to students who then anonymously complete them on their own time. Only instructors can create and view their own evaluations and results.

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Permissions and Access

Cannot see my course in Online Teval

If you do not see your course or section when attempting to create your online Teval, it likely is because:

  1. Your K-State Online course is not assigned to the current semester. This occurs when a course was manually created in Canvas rather than using the automatically created course from KSIS (note that 900-level courses are never automatically created in Canvas). Please contact IT Help Desk or the Teaching & Learning Center  and request that your course be assigned to the current semester rather than the "default semester". This will then allow you to create your online Teval.
  2. You are not a Teacher or TA on the K-State Online roster for the course and/or section. Online Teval no longer uses KSIS to determine if you are an instructor of a course and/or section. If you are a graduate teaching assistant, contact the primary instructor and request that they add you to the K-State Online roster of the course and/or section.

Access evaluations from previous semesters

If you are currently a K-State employee, please follow the instructions for viewing previous evaluations. If you are not a current employee or these instructions do not apply to you, please contact the Teaching & Learning Center.

Combine sections

You can no longer combine sections into a single teaching evaluation in the new Online Teval. Additionally, an Online Teval can only be sent to sections with more than one student so that evaluations remain anonymous. This can be problematic for non-standard courses. Since evaluations are required for all courses and sections, please contact the Teaching & Learning Center if you have a special circumstance and must combine sections into a single evaluation.

Create evaluation on behalf of instructor

Evaluations cannot created on behalf of or for another person. Only instructors can create and view their own evaluations and results.

Dropped students

Only those students on your K-State Online roster at the time your evaluation is sent (not created) will receive an email invitation to complete your Teval. If the student has dropped your course before the evaluation is sent then they will not receive the evaluation invitation email.

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Reports and Faculty Information Form (FIF)

Results scoring and availability

Reports for both online and paper Tevals can be downloaded after final grades have posted by signing in to K-State Online and accessing Teval from either a course or your profile. The report contains raw and adjusted scores as well as student comments. You can also download the scores and responses as a CSV file. See the Teval Guide: Interpreting Your Report (pdf) for an in-depth explanation of how the results are scored. Contact the Teaching & Learning Center if you need your reports released early or if you need your reports and are no longer are affiliated with the university.

Faculty Information (FIF) is optional

The FIF is the Faculty Information Form. It is optional and does not affect the results of your evaluation, including your averaged results. Your answers to the Faculty Information Form (FIF) questions can describe some of your perspectives about your course. You can also include comments to describe other circumstances you think will be important for a more meaningful interpretation of your student ratings. Your answers are included on the final evaluation report. If you do a paper Teval you must turn in the Faculty Information Form sheet but you do not have to provide answers to the questions.

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Department Templates

What is a department template and does my department have one?

Departments may want course evaluations to include the same custom questions. Department Templates in the Online Teval allow instructors to add a pre-defined and un-editable set of custom questions to their evaluation. Please contact the Teaching & Learning Center to discuss adding a department template.
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Student Concerns

Student submitted evaluation for wrong instructor

Contact the Teaching & Learning Center as soon as possible. We will work with you to understand your specific issue and identify the best scenario to address the wrongly submitted evaluation.

Student did not receive evaluation invitation email

If the evaluation has not closed, then request that your student search their K-State email inbox for all emails from you, to include their spam and trash. Tell them the date that the first invitation was sent and the date(s) of any reminder emails. If your student is confident that they did not receive the email, please contact the Teaching & Learning Center.
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Editing an active evaluation

Re-opening a closed evaluation (extending the availability)

Please contact the Teaching & Learning Center to re-open a closed evaluation. Evaluation dates, including reminder message dates, can always be changed by the instructor while the evaluation is active but not once it has closed.

Adding or changing custom questions

Instructors can make changes to their custom questions if the evaluation has not received any responses. Changes cannot be made to the questions after students have responded to the evaluation.
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