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Teval: Paper and Online evaluations 

The Teval paper and online evaluation are unique to Kansas State University and are intended to provide an indicator or student’s impressions of teaching effectiveness in a given class. It may also provide some clues as to students’ views of specific teaching practices. Teval is available in both a paper version and an online version.

  • Paper evaluations are available for on campus courses only. They are distributed by a departmental evaluation coordinator during class time.
  • Online evaluations are available for both on campus and distance courses. Online versions are emailed to students who then anonymously complete them on their own time. Instructors can send email reminders and see response progress.

The coordination and administration of TEVAL student ratings is the responsibility of each department. Results from both paper and online evaluations are available at the end of the semester after final grades are posted. Learn more about evaluation and report availability dates. Instructors of short courses should contact the Teaching & Learning Center to access their reports.

Paper Teval

Online Teval


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