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Office of Student Success
Kansas State University
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For Students: Undergraduate Advising Information

The Kansas State University Academic Advising website is not intended to replace your advisor. It is intended to facilitate and supplement the academic advising you receive from your advisor. Use the information presented here to help you think about the program of study, the courses, and the university experiences that will best prepare you for your goals in life. 

Make an appointment to share your thoughts with your advisor!

Identifying your academic advisor

All undergraduate students have an assigned advisor. To identify this person, log in to KSIS and select "Student Services Center." Your advisor appears on the right sidebar. If you are not able to reach your assigned academic advisor, please locate your College in the list below and reach out to the person listed with an email. Use the subject: Academic Advising Help Needed.

Academic Advising College Points of Contact

Dr. Dan Moser, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, dmoser@k-state.edu

Architecture, Planning & Design

Lisa Last, Director of Academic Services, llast@k-state.edu

Arts and Sciences

Dr. Alison Wheatley, Assistant Dean of Students, aliwheat@k-state.edu

Business Administration

Bente Janda, Assistant Dean for Student Services, bjanda@k-state.edu


Di Murphy, Assistant Director and Licensing Officer, dim@k-state.edu


Andy Fund, Assistant Dean for Student Services, andyfund@k-state.edu

Health and Human Sciences

Dr. Shawna Jordan, Assistant Dean/Assistant Professor, jordan@k-state.edu

Academic Advising at Orientation & Enrollment (O&E)

Welcome new Wildcats! At K-State, we support your program and life planning through academic advising. At O&E, you will meet with an advisor to plan for fall semester schedule. 

Frequently asked questions

The advisor/student relationship

Helpful resources

Graduation Plan Verification Template
This template is designed to assist you in working with your advisor to complete a graduation plan verification. 
The Advising Toolbox

How to read the course schedule, calculating your GPA, time management, success skills, and writing resources. This website is developed for students in the College of Arts and Sciences, but students in any major and college may find the information useful. 

Tips from former student body president, Nate Spriggs