Undergraduate Degrees in Statistics

Major in Statistics and Data Science

K-State offers both Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees. In addition to the general education courses, the major requires mathematics (calculus and matrix algebra), computer programming, and upper-level statistics courses. Detailed information about the course requirements is available in K-State's Undergraduate Catalog.

Sample Curriculum

Minor in Statistics

A minor in statistics allows you to couple statistics with another field of study. It requires 5 statistics courses (15 credit hours), in addition to the courses required for your major. Detailed information about the course requirements for a minor in statistics is available in K-State's Undergraduate Catalog.

If you are interested in declaring a minor in Statistics, please complete the online form and someone from the Statistics department will contact you.
Complete the online form to declare a minor in Statistics.

Dual majors and dual degrees

Dr. Dubnicka

Students may major in statistics and another discipline within the College of Arts and Sciences. The degree requirements of both departments must be met. For instance, it is possible to complete a dual statistics-mathematics degree in four years.

Students may obtain a dual degree in statistics and a field in another college such as business administration or engineering. The degree requirements of both colleges must be met and a minimum of 120 hours must be completed. Students who choose this option should complete the calculus sequence by the end of the sophomore year.

Sample Curriculum

Accelerated BS/MS in Statistics

Beginning in Fall 2018, K-State will offer students the opportunity to simultaneously earn a BS and an MS degree in Statistics. All requirements for both degrees must be satisfied, but using graduate-level courses to satisfy upper-level undergraduate electives will allow a student to fulfill both degrees in less time than it would take to fulfill each degree separately. More information about this option is available in K-State's Undergraduate Catalog.

For more information about undergraduate activities in the Statistics department, contact Dr. Perla Reyes at pereyesc@ksu.edu