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Statistics is a combination of classical mathematics, the theory of probability, and new concepts related to inductive reasoning that have developed during the past 75 years.

Almost all activities of plants and animals (including people) depend to some degree on chance events, and most decisions made by people depend on sampling information—which also depends on chance events, and hence on probability. Consequently, fields of interest and activities for a statistician potentially are very broad.

Likewise, the professional activities open to a trained statistician are varied. The existence of modern-day computers relieves the statistician of tedious computations and elevates his or her professional activity to dealing with people and/or engaging in basic research.

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The department offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees, a minor and dual degree pathways.

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The department offers a Master of Science, Doctorate and a Graduate Certificate.

Accelerated B.S./M.S.

This combined program allows exceptional undergraduates to obtain both a B.S. and M.S in less time.


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Statisticians interpret the vast accumulation of facts and figures available today. Statistics is a field in which experts have virtually unlimited opportunities. Statisticians are in high demand in private industry, government, and education.

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