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Social Media

Application for Social Media Account Authorization

Please complete the following form to request authorization to create and maintain a university-affiliated social media account on behalf of a Kansas State University college, department or unit. The Division of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to deny account creation or revoke the privilege to any account that violates best practices, fractures the brand or presents an unacceptable risk to the institution.

If you have any questions regarding the authorization process, please contact the university social media specialist at socialmedia@k-state.edu.

Before completing the application, please review all applicable policies, including but not limited to the Social Media Guidelines, University Brand Guide, Political Activity Policies, PPM Chapter 3010, PPM Chapter 3015, PPM Chapter 4020, University Handbook Section D, Kansas Open Meetings Act and the Kansas Board of Regents Board Policy Manual Chapter 11. Section F.6.

There must be at least two account administrators per account.

This should include college/unit leadership and college communications personnel.

Please email any examples to socialmedia@k-state.edu.

If not, please email the already created designs, which must follow the brand guide, to socialmedia@k-state.edu.