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Social Media

Application for Social Media account authorization

Please complete the following form to request approval to create and maintain a social media account on behalf of a Kansas State University college, department or unit. 

Kansas State University social media accounts are subject to specific terms, conditions and guidelines.

Person who authorized account

Facebook Account Request:
Authorized university Facebook usernames should include K-State or Kansas State University. Custom, or vanity, URLs can be created once a page obtains 25 followers.

Twitter account request:
University Twitter accounts should include K-State or KState as part of the username (@Name). Twitter has character limits on both user and account names. The @Name is limited to 15 characters and the real name is limited to 20 characters. The real name is displayed in users timelines.

Instagram account request:
University Instagram accounts should include KState or KansasState as part of the @Name. Instagram limits usernames to 30 characters and can only include letters, numbers, periods and underscores. The account name is listed in timelines.

Other social media channels: