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Social Media


Social media is constantly changing. Below are some industry resourses to assist with managing your university-affiliated social media account. 

You can also contact the communications personnel for your college/unit or your Division of Communications and Marketing client manager for specific questions not addressed here.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Image/Graphic Sizes

Social Media Blogs

Social Media Roundtable Sessions

May 2024: "Creative Projects and How DCM Can Help"

April 2024: "The Importance of Social Media Graphics"

February 2024: "Leveraging Existing Platforms: Maximizing Impact for Events and Projects"

October 2023: "Marketing Social Media to Generation Z"

September 2023: "Effective Ways to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts"

August 2023: "Video Q&A"

July 2023: "Paid Advertising 101"

June 2023: "Finding Balance and Avoiding Burnout"

May 2023: "Utilizing Analytics to Improve Your Social Media Strategy"

April 2023: "Social Media Planning"

March 2023: "Hacking the Instagram algorithm"

February 2023: "Making Social Media Accessible"

January 2023: "Posting Strategically Using Marketing Principles"


December 2022: "Getting Started with TikTok"

November 2022: "Utilizing Different Platforms for Different Audiences"

October 2022: "Social Media and Brand"