Legislative Advocates


The Kansas State University Legislative Advocates is an at-large, nonpartisan task force created by the Student Governing Association to assist the Office of Governmental Relations as they advocate for Kansas State University's interest in the Kansas Capitol. They meet directly with Kansas legislators, host them on campus, publicize upcoming votes in the Legislature on higher education legislation, and participate in event programming with the K-State Office of Governmental Relations. We will also represent K-State at Student Higher Education Day. The Legislative Advocates are chaired by the State Relations Director, a cabinet member of the Student Body President and Vice President.

Platform of Issues

The K-State Legislative Advocates believe that Kansas State University is a driving force in the Kansas economy. Therefore, the Legislative Advocates support efforts in affordability, facility renewal, mental health resources, and workforce/career development.



Legislative Advocates Chair

Logan Cone

Adelaide Easter Andrew Navarro
Audrey Steinert Bently Taulbert
Brady Kappelmann Brayton Brueggen
Caleb Stout Carson Cuesta
Emily Howard Hannah Whetstone
Jonathan Temaat Jack O'Malley
Jess Binckley Natalie Nusz
Nick Saia Paige Vulgamore
Samantha Suchanek Sean Hoffmans


Be on the lookout for applications for 2025 Legislative Advocates!