Freshman opportunities

In addition to general university scholarships and awards, freshmen have the following scholarships opportunities available to them at K-State:

No tests needed

K-State does not require ACT/SAT scores to be eligible for scholarships. However you may be eligible for higher scholarships if you choose to provide a test score.

Competitive awards

Competitive scholarship awardees are selected by committees who review additional supplemental application materials and/or administer a selective interview process.

View Manhattan campus competitive awards

View Salina campus competitive awards

K-State Scholarship Network (KSN)

Many of the opportunities below may be applied for in the K-State Scholarship Network (KSN) system, which connects students directly to additional scholarship opportunities outside of general university awards and competitive awards. Students will not have access to KSN until they are admitted to the university.

Read each award carefully, though, as some still do require supplemental applications.

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Alumni/Legacy scholarships

These are awards offered through K-State alumni clubs and programs, as well as an award specifically for students who have an eligible family member who is a K-State Alumni Association member.

College/Departmental scholarships

Many academic colleges and departments also offer several unique scholarship awards. You can apply for academic college/departmental scholarships/awards via the K-State Scholarship Network after you are admitted to the university.

Learn about the K-State Scholarship Network