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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) measures a student’s progress toward degree completion.  To be eligible for federal student aid, students must maintain an eligible SAP status. 

At the conclusion of each semester, our office will calculate the SAP status of all enrolled students.  Calculating satisfactory academic progress is a federal requirement. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress is measured with the following tests:

  • Cumulative GPA.  Undergraduate and Veterinary Medicine students must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.  Graduate students much maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. 
  • Maximum Attempted Credit Hours.  Undergraduate and Veterinary Medicine students may not exceed 150% of the published program length.  Graduate students may not exceed 200% of the published program length.
    Example:  An undergraduate student enrolled in a program that requires 120 credit hours for completion may receive federal aid for a total of 180 credit hours (120 x 150%).
  • Ratio of Attempted to Completed Credit Hours.  Undergraduate and Veterinary Medicine students must successfully complete at least 75% of the credit hours enrolled each semester.
    Example:  An undergraduate student enrolled in 15 hours and successfully completes 11 of those hours would not pass this SAP test.  The student would need to successfully complete 12 hours (15 x 75% = 11.25, which is rounded up to 12 hours).

What is the outcome of the SAP calculation?

The SAP calculation determines an eligibility status for federal student aid.  Known as the SAP status, the calculated status could be an eligible status or ineligible status.

What happens if I do not meet a SAP test?

Depending on your prior SAP status, you may be placed on financial aid warning or become ineligible for financial aid.

What if I have an ineligible SAP status?

You may submit an appeal that explains why you failed to meet the SAP requirements (ie. cumulative GPA, ratio of attempted to completed hours, maximum attempted hours), and explains how you plan to achieve academic success going forward.  There is no guarantee that your appeal will be approved.

Where can I see my SAP status?

You can view your personal SAP status in KSIS.  Instructions on how to navigate to the page in KSIS can be found here

For more information about K-State’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, please refer to the University catalog.