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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Step-by-Step Guide to Accept Financial Aid

1. Log into KSIS with your eID and Password.

2. On the KSIS Student Homepage, click Financial Aid

Student Homepage

3. Review the Award Summary. Award amounts and status are shown.

Award Summary

 4. On the left side of the page, click Accept or Decline Awards. Then select the Aid Year you wish to view.

Aid Year Selection

5. On the Award Package page, check either Accept or Decline next to each award and click Submit. Please note that awards can also be adjusted down to the preferred amount. (Example: Federal Direct Subsidized Loan has been decreased down to $3,000 from the offered $3,500. Students are encouraged to only borrow what is needed.)

Accept or Decline Awards

6. Click Yes to continue, or No to cancel.

Yes or No

7. Click OK to exit the confirmation page.