Graduate Students 2022-2023 Annual Estimate

The costs below represent an estimate of a student’s educational expenses for an academic year. The average half-time enrollment for a graduate student is 6 credit hours per semester.

For an in-depth look at the costs, including a detailed breakdown of fees, please view the university's comprehensive fee schedule.

Graduate Student Expenses Resident Non-Resident
Direct Expenses
Estimated Annual Tuition and Fees $6,282 $12,746
Housing and Meals $10,526 $10,526
Total Direct Expenses $16,808 $23,272
Indirect Expenses
Average Cost of Books and Supplies $452 $452
Transportation $2,726 $2,726
Average Personal Costs* $6,102 $6,102
Total Indirect Expenses $6,554 $6,554
Total Expenses (Direct and Indirect) $23,362 $29,826

*Average personal costs include an estimate of transportation costs incurred by students both while on campus as well as to and from a permanent residence during University holidays as well as an estimate of miscellaneous expenses which a student may have such as laundry, personal hygiene items, etc. may vary by student.