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Lab Members

July 2022

July 2022
L-R:  Bibek Subedi, Lauren Apprill, Samira Laytimi, Kathrin Schrick, Ashley Panagakis, Hieu Nguyen, Bilal Ahmad

Current Members

Kathrin SchrickKathrin Schrick, Associate Professor.  B.S. B.A. 1986, Purdue University, Ph.D. 1994, University of Washington, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Leader at the University of Tubingen, Germany, 1995-2003.  Prior to moving to KSU, she held positions at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences and the California Institute of Technology.
SubediBibek Subedi, Ph.D. Student, B.S. Microbiology 2012, M.S. Medical Microbiology 2015, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. Bibek joined the Division of Biology in the Fall of 2017. He previously served as a TA for lab portion of Biol455 General Microbiology.  He is the recipient of the 2022 John C. Frazier Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Research in Plant Science. Bibek is investigating post-translational mechanisms governing transcription factor function of GLABRA2 and other members of the HD-Zip IV family.
AhmadBilal Ahmad, Ph.D. Student, B.S. Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, 2014, M.S. Biotechnology 2017, University of Faisalabad, Pakistan. Bilal joined the Division of Biology in Fall 2019. He is currently investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying nuclear localization of HD-Zip IV transcription factor GLABRA2 during development.
NguyenHieu V. Nguyen, Undergraduate, B.S. Biology/Pre-Medicine, Minor in Psychology 2023 (expected). Hieu is the recipient of a University Scholar Award, State of Kansas Scholarship, June Hull Sherrid Scholarship in Biology and a Duane and Bonnie Saunders Scholarship. He received a College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Award and a Most Promising Student Award in Spring 2021. Project Title: “Molecular mechanisms driving elongation growth in the plant epidermis”. Hieu currently serves as a WellCAT Ambassador. In summer 2021 he will continue his Pathways Internship in the USDA-ARS Hard Winter Wheat Genetics Research Unit with Dr. Mary Guttieri.
PanagakisAshley A. Panagakis, Undergraduate, B.S. Biology/Human Health Biology 2023 (expected). Ashley is the recipient of a Kansas State University Foundation Scholarship and a First In Class Scholarship. She is Kansas Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) and has Stop the Bleed Certification. Ashley currently serves as a Biology Ambassador. She received a K-INBRE Scholarship for 2021-22, an OURCI Research Grant Award for fall 2021, an Cancer Research Award for 2021-22, and a College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Award for Fall 2022. Project Title: “Genetic modifiers affecting expression of the GLABRA2 developmental regulator”. 
Samira LaytimiSamira R. Laytimi, Undergraduate, B.S. Biochemistry/Medical Biochemistry/Pre-Pharmacy 2024 (expected). Samira received an OURCI Award in Spring 2022 and a College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship in Summer 2022. She plays the violin in the K-State Orchestra and serves as a College of Arts & Sciences Ambassador.  Project Title: “Protein interactions in transcriptional control of epidermal development.”
Lauren ApprillLauren E. Apprill, Undergraduate, B.S. Biochemistry/Spanish minor 2025 (expected). Lauren received a K-INBRE Research Scholarship for 2022-23. She serves as College of Arts & Sciences Ambassador. Project Title: “Molecular characterization of START-Associated Domain (STAD) interactions."


Lindy KarrerLindy Karrer, Undergraduate, B.S. Biochemistry/Pre-Medicine 2024 (expected). Lindy received a National Science Foundation REU Scholarship for Summer 2021 and a K-INBRE Scholarship for 2021-22. She plays the cello and is a member of the K-State Orchestra.  Project Title (Summer 2021): “Genetic analysis of post-translational modifiers of HD-Zip transcription factors”.
Graham L. MathewsGraham L. Mathews, Undergraduate, B.S. Computer Science, Minor in Chemistry, 2022 (expected), Kansas State University. Graham is a Kansas State University Honors Student, and received a College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship for fall 2019. His research project focuses on "Bioinformatic Analysis and Experimental Validation of Transcription Factor Targets of PROTODERMAL FACTOR2".
ForsterHeather Forster, Ph.D. Rotation Student, B.A. Environmental Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, M.S. Biological Sciences, Emporia State University, M.S. Biological Sciences 2019, Wichita State University. Her research in the Schrick lab focused on "GLABRA2 and aminophospholipid ATPases and CRISPR tissue-specific knockout in Arabidopsis." Heather moved to the laboratory of Richard Todd in summer 2021.
Adara L. WarnerAdara L. Warner, Undergraduate, B.S. Medical Laboratory Science 2022, Kansas State University. Adara was named a Kansas Governor's Scholar and received the President's Award for Educational Excellence. She is the recipient of a Kansas State Foundation Scholarship, a Kansas State First in Class Scholarship, and a K-INBRE Scholarship (2019-21). Adara received a Most Promising Student Award in Spring 2020 and a Watson Scholarship from Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity in 2021. Project: "Identification of regulatory domains and transcriptional coregulators of the homeodomain protein GLABRA2." Adara is now working as a Medical Technologist at the Salina Regional Health Center.
Kyle ThompsonKyle A. Thompson, Undergraduate.  B.S. Nutritional Sciences and Gerontology/Pre-Medicine 2020, Kansas State University, Project Title:  Functional Analysis of the START-Associated Domain from HD-Zip Transcription Factors. Undergraduate Cancer Research Awards: 2018-20. Kyle was formerly the Concertmaster of the Gold Orchestra. He teaches violin, has been a member of the Salina Symphony, and played on the KSU Men's Ultimate team. Kyle worked with Dr. Doubek at Stonecreek Family Physicians until Fall 2022, when he began his training as a DO at the Kansas City University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Joplin, MO.
Seth PeerySeth T. Peery, Undergraduate. B.S. Biochemistry 2020, Kansas State University. Seth received a College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Award in Spring 2017. He was the recipient of a K-INBRE Scholarship (2017-19) and a K-INBRE K-State Scholarship (2019-20) to study "Land Plant Evolution: Role of HD-Zip Transcription Factors." Undergraduate Cancer Research Awards 2018-20. Seth was also a member of the KSU Marching Band, the SAGA President, and served as Treasurer for the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors. Seth currently works with AmeriCorps VISTA in Madison, WI.
A WeberAudra L. Weber, Undergraduate, B.S. Biology/Pre-Medicine, 2022, Kansas State University. National Science Foundation REU Scholarship, Summer 2019. Project Title: "Nuclear localization of HD-Zip IV transcription factor GLABRA2". Audra is the recipient of a Foundation Plus Scholarship and is a Kansas Honors Scholar. She currently serves as a WellCAT Ambassador.
J ReedJeffrey A. Reed, Undergraduate, B.S. Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering (2' major) 2021, Kansas State University. National Science Foundation REU Scholarship, Summer 2019. Project Title: "Identification of a transcriptional repression domain in HD-Zip transcription factor GLABRA2". Jeffrey was a Holtz Hall tutor for Chem I/II and formerly served as President of Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, working on photodegradable hydrogels for wastewater treatment in Ryan Hansen's lab at Kansas State University.
Thiya MukherjeeThiya Mukherjee, Postdoctoral Research Associate, B.S. 2005, M.S. 2007, U. of Calcutta. Ph.D. 2016, Biology, Texas Tech University. Thiya trained with Scott Holaday, investigating fructokinase activity during fiber development in Gossypium hirsutum. She worked at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at the U. of Georgia before joining our lab in March 2017. Her project focused on "Roles of Plant Lipids in Growth and Development in Plants." Thiya was the recipient of a K-INBRE Postdoctoral Scholar Award for 2018-19. Thiya is currently a research scientist in the Doug Allen laboratory at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

Ruben Lerma-ReyesRuben Lerma-Reyes, Ph.D. Student, Interdepartmental Genetics Program. B.S. 2017, Newman University. Ruben is the founder and formerly served as the President of the Newman University Gardening Club. He was the recipient of a Conviron ASPB Scholar Award for 2018-19. Project: Functional Characterization of HD-Zip IV Transcription factors in Arabidopsis and Penium margaritaceum. Ruben moved to the laboratory of Brad Olson in Fall 2020.

Emily J. NicholsonEmily J. Nicholson, Biol 198 Student, B.S. Biological Sciences 2017, Pennsylvania State University. Emily worked on a research project to examine "Expression Levels in Transgenic Lines Corresponding to PROTODERMAL FACTOR2 and GLABRA2 HD-Zip Transcription Factors".  She also worked with Dr. Victoriya Volkova in the Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, prior to moving to the East Coast in Fall 2019.
Vaithish VelazhahanVaithish Velazhahan, Undergraduate.  B.S. Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology 2018, Kansas State University. K-State Academic Honors Scholar 2014-18, Staley School Ambassadors Scholar 2015, NSF-URM Scholar 2015-16, K-INBRE Scholar 2015-17, APIASF Scholar 2015-18, Blue Key Walter Martin Memorial Scholar 2015, Cancer Research Award 2015-18, Most Promising Student Award 2016, Sigma Xi GIAR 2016, Brian Spooner Scholarship 2017, Mortar Board Outstanding Student Award 2017. OURCI Scholar 2016-18. URM Project: Evolution of Land Plants from Charophycean Green Algae. K-INBRE Project: The Mechanism Underlying the Inhibitory Role of Dietary Flavonoids in Human Cancers. Vaithish also serves as an Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences. Vaithish was a 2017-18 Goldwater Scholar, and recipient of the 2018 Haymaker Outstanding Senior Award. He received a Gates Cambridge Scholarship in 2019 to pursue his doctorate in Chris Tate's group at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in the UK, and he finished his Ph.D. in Summer 2022. Vaithish is the recipient of a postdoctoral research fellowship at Caius College in Cambridge.
Kyler A. WeingartnerKyler A. Weingartner, Undergraduate B.S. Biochemistry 2018, Kansas State University, College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Award, Spring 2016, K-INBRE Scholar 2016-17. Cancer Research Award 2017-18, K-INBRE Star Trainee 2017-18, Project Title:  Linking Sugar Metabolism to Development in Plant Cells. Kyler is currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Dr. Jennifer Kavran's lab in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Johns Hopkins University.
Matt HeffelMatthew G. Heffel, Undergraduate. B.S. Computer Science with Mathematics (minor), Biology (minor) 2019, Kansas State University. Matt is a computer scientist and bioinformaticist as well as an aspiring plant molecular biologist. Matt’s BIOL698 project involved the construction of luciferase reporters for expression in Arabidopsis. He is currently working on a computational modeling project in the laboratory of Gregory Finnigan.
Maggie MalmbergMaggie Malmberg, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology/Pre-Medicine 2021, Kansas State University. Dane G. Hansen Foundation Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship (2017-18), Nancy Landon Kassebaum Scholarship (2017-18). Maggie was a member of the Pre-Medical Club, and she served on the Student Governing Board. She also served as an Ambassador for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering. Maggie received the H.H. Haymaker Award in Spring 2021. She will continue her studies at the University of Kansas School of Medicine beggining in July 2021.
Xueyun HuJordan T. Trant, Undergraduate, B.S. Biology, Chemistry and B.A. Math 2019, Lyon College. Kansas State University REU: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Changing Environments: Integrating from Genomes to Biomes, Summer 2017. Project Title: Penium margaritaceum, an emerging model system to study land plant evolution. She is enrolled in the MD/PhD program at the University of Kansas School of Medicine.
Xueyun HuXueyun Hu, Postdoctoral Research Associate. B.Sc. 2007, M.Sc. Agricultural Science 2010, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ph.D. 2013, Hokkaido University, Japan.  Xueyun worked on the enzyme chlorophyllase for his Ph.D. and continued with studying the role of lipids in plant growth and development during his postdoctoral work in our lab. He was the recipient of a K-INBRE Postdoctoral Scholar Award for 2016-17. Xueyun moved to Yangzhou University as a specially-appointed professor.
Isabel T. DritzIsabel T. Dritz, High School Student.  Manhattan High School 2017, Summer 2016 Project Title:  Genetic and Molecular Interactions in Flowering Plants.  Izzy is also a private swim instructor, a Minnows coach, and competitive swimmer for the Manhattan Marlins. She is currently an undergraduate student at Colorado State University.
Janet M. PaperJanet M. Paper, Postdoctoral Research Associate.  B.S. 1996, William Jewell College, Ph.D. 2011, Plant Biology, Michigan State University. Janet had eight years of experience in industry as a chemist at Midwest Research Institute and Quintiles, Inc., prior to pursuing her Ph.D. research on the plant pathogenic fungus Fusariumgraminearium. Among other projects relating to plant sterols, Janet investigated subcellular localization of phospholipids via click chemistry. She joined the faculty of Benedictine College as an Assistant Professor in 2016.
Indhujah ThevarajanIndhujah Thevarajan, Ph.D. Student. Biochemistry, B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2014, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Rotation Project Title:  Dimerization Properties of Class IV Homeodomain Leucine-Zipper (HD-Zip) Transcription Factors. Indhujah completed her Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry in the laboratories of Michal Zolkiewski and Anna Zolkiewska in fall 2020.
Erica M. PetersErika M. (Peters) Begler, Undergraduate. B.S. Microbiology 2016, Kansas State University, Putnam Scholar, June D. Hull Sherrid Scholar, SCTE Undergraduate Research Scholar, Spring 2013, K-INBRE Scholar, 2013-15. Cancer Research Award 2014-16, Most Promising Student Award 2015, K-INBRE Star Trainee, 2015-16, Haymaker Outstanding Senior Award, Project Title: Characterization of START Domain Interactors for Homeodomain Proteins. Erika was a section leader in the KSU Marching Band, and an Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences, serving as the Secretary of that group for 2 years. Erika is completed her MD degree at the KU School of Medicine in May 2020, and is now a Resident Physician in Internal Medicine at the University of Colorado.`
Aashima KhoslaAashima Khosla, Ph.D. Student. Biochemistry, B. Sc. Biochemistry 2006, Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University, M. Sc. Biotechnology, M.S. University, Vadodara, India; Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research Summer Stipend 2010-15, Manhattan Rotary Clubs Scholar 2010. Sarachek Travel Award 2015. Aashima investigated START domain proteins, their ligand-binding properties, and how they are regulated in differentiating cells. She is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar in the lab of Dave Nelson at the University of California, Riverside.
Miwa J. WenzelMiwa J. Wenzel, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology and B.A. Philosophy 2016, Haverford College. Kansas State University REU Ecology and Evolution in Changing Environments Program, Summer 2015. Project Title: Seed Coat Mucilage: Natural Variation and Biochemical Composition in Arabidopsis. Miwa is currently a graduate student in the Aquadro lab in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell University.  
William R. JonesWilliam R. Jones, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology 2015, Kansas State University, Robert Noyce Scholar. College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Award 2014-15, Cancer Research Award 2015, Project Title: Role of Steryl Glucosides in Heavy Metal Stress. Will is currently attending KU School of Medicine.  
Amanda M. BradleyAmanda M. Bradley, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology, B.A. German 2015, Kansas State University, Putnam Scholar, Honors Program, Cancer Research Award 2014-15. College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Award 2014, K-INBRE Scholar 2014-15 and Treasurer of the German Club, Project Title: Glucosylceramide Synthase: Exploration of Enzyme Function Using Genetic Analysis in Arabidopsis. Amanda is currently a microbiologist at KDHE in Topeka.  
Dina V. LyneDina V. Lyne, Undergraduate. B.S. Chemical Engineering 2016, University of Kansas. SUROP program at Kansas State University, Summer 2014. Project Title: Using the Seed Coat Mucilage of Arabidopsis as a Model to Decipher the Role of Steryl Glycosides in Polysaccharide Metabolism. Dina traveled to Bolivia as part of Engineers Without Borders in August 2014.  
Joshua YeomansJoshua Yeomans, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology 2016, Pittsburg State University. K-INBRE Scholar 2013-14, Kansas State University REU Ecology and Evolution in Changing Environments Program, Summer 2014. Project Title: Role of Steryl Glycosides in Response to Heavy Metal Stress. Josh plans to attend Medical School after graduation.  
James C. ArpinJames C. Arpin, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology/Pre-Med 2014, Kansas State University, Robert C. Byrd Scholar and Putnam Scholar, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship, K-INBRE Scholar, 2011-13, Mark Chapman Scholar 2012, Cancer Research Awards 2012-14, Project Title: Functions of Steryl Glucosides in Growth and Development. James completed his MD at St. Louis University School of Medicine and is currently an emergency medicine specialist at University Health Obstetrics and Gynecology in Kansas City, MO.
Emily N. JimenezEmily N. Jimenez, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology 2016, Kansas State University, Honors Scholarship, Series (Russell E) Scholarship, SCTE Undergraduate Research Scholar, Spring 2014, Project Title: The Role of Steryl Glucosides in Synthesis of the Seed Coat Mucilage. Emily is planning to enter PA school after graduation.
Daniel F. StuckyDaniel F. Stucky, M.S. Student. Biology, B.S. 2011, Truman State University, GAANN Fellowship, 2011-13, MS Biology 2014, Kansas State University. Thesis Title: Steryl Glucosides: A Genetic Approach to Determine Their Roles in Cellulose Synthesis and Lipid Metabolism. Dan received a B.S. degree in Computer Science at UMKC in 2016, and is currently working as a Software Engineer at Cerner in Kansas City.
Elizabeth S. MaysElizabeth S. Mays, Undergraduate. B.A. Biology: Organisms, Ecology & Evolution 2014, Colorado College. After her study abroad semester in Ecuador, Elizabeth participated in the Kansas State University REU Ecology and Evolution in Changing Environments Program in the Summer of 2013. Project Title: The Role of Sterols in Cellulose Synthesis: Genetic and Evolutionary Approaches.
Allison P. BoehlerAllison P. Boehler, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology 2013, Kansas State University. Project Title: Suppressors of a Novel Semi-Dominant Allele of GLABRA2. Ali was a member of the KSU Volleyball Team in the Fall of 2012. She is currently a Lab Technician - Chemical Analyst at Bayer CropScience in Kansas City.
Meghan O'Shea HerdeMeghan O'Shea Herde, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology/Pre-Nursing, Secondary Major: Gerontology, Minor: Spanish, 2012, Kansas State University. Putnam Scholar 2008-10, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship and June D. Hull Sherrid Scholarship and Education Fund, 2011-12. Meghan is now working as a contract buyer for an import/export company in Kansas City.
Paige N. CoxPaige N. Cox, Research Assistant. B.S. Valparaiso University, 2008, M.S. 2011, Michigan Technological University and the Umea Plant Science Center, ATLANTIS program. Paige investigated interaction partners of the class IV homeodomain transcription factor GLABRA2, in addition to functional characterization of the protein. She is previously worked as a research assistant at the Rio Mesa Center, a field station of the University of Utah. Paige is now in Salt Lake City working for the Utah State Forensic Services: Crime Lab.
Preston M. StephensPreston M. Stephens, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology/Pre-Med, B.S. Anthropology 2012, Kansas State University, Patricia J. O'Brien Outstanding Student in Archaeology Award, 2011, Mark Chapman Scholar 2010, K-INBRE ARRA Scholar, 2009-11, Project Title: Interactors of Homeodomain Transcription Factor GLABRA2. Preston received his MD degree from KU School of Medicine in 2016, and completed his residency in family medicine in Olympia, WA, in June 2019. After a stint as a physician at Hawks Prairie Family Medicine in Lacey, WA, he moved to Madison, WI, where he is on the faculty in Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin Medicine and Public Health.
Corey A. DueverCorey A. Duever, Undergraduate. B.S. Education 2011, B.S. Biology 2012, Kansas State University. BIOL698 Project: Effects on Cellulose Synthesis by Drug Inhibitors and Mutations.
Olivia K. EllerOlivia K. Eller, Undergraduate. B.S. Biology 2014, Kansas State University, Foundation Scholarship 2010, McNair Scholar 2012-, Undergraduate Research Mentoring (URM) Scholar 2012-14. National Society of Collegiate Scholars 2012-. Olivia is interested in environmental biology and ecology, and worked in Dr. Ted Morgan's lab as a URM student prior to starting graduate school. She is currently a Ph.D. student at KU Medical Center.
Shawna Jo CikanekShawna Jo Cikanek, Undergraduate. B.S. Agriculture, 2011, Major: Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University. Early Admissions Veterinary Program Scholar. She represented the College of Agriculture as an Ambassador in 2010-11.
Achira MukhopadhyayAchira Mukhopadhyay, Research Assistant. B. Sc. 2006, A.N.G.R.A.U., Hyderabad, India, M.S. 2009, Kansas State University. Achira studied bioprocessing of cellulosic biomass to value-added chemicals during her thesis work in Grain Sciences. She joined the lab for a 6-month period prior to her move to Michigan State University in the Fall of 2010.
Hanh T. NguyenHanh T. Nguyen, Research Assistant. M.S. 2009, University of Missouri, Columbia. Hanh studied squalene synthases from soybean and their function in Arabidopsis at the University of Missouri. She joined the lab as a Research Assistant for the summer of 2009, and did a superb job of setting up. She has since moved to the University of Nebraska to pursue a project on drought tolerance.


May 2021
May 2021
L-R: Adara Warner, Lindy Karrer, Ashley Panagakis, Kathrin Schrick, Hieu Nguyen, Bibek Subedi, Bilal Ahmad


2019 May

May 2019
L-R: Adara Warner, Seth Peery, Kathrin Schrick, Graham Mathews
Thiya Mukherjee, Kyle Thompson, Emily Nicholson



May 2018
L-R: Vaithish Velazhahan, Kyle Thompson, Kathrin Schrick, Matt Heffel, Thiya Mukherjee,
Maggie Malmberg, Ruben Lerma-Reyes, Kyler Weingartner, Seth Peery



May 2017
L-R: Kyle Thompson, Thiya Mukherjee, Seth Peery, Kathrin Schrick, Kyler A. Weingartner, Vaithish Velazhahan


May 2016

May 2016
Top-Bottom; L-R: Xueyun Hu, Vaithish Velazhahan, Kyler Weingartner,
Kathrin Schrick, Erika Peters, Indhujah Thevarajan


May 2015

May 2015
L-R: Vaithish Velazhahan, Amanda Bradley, Erika Peters,
Will Jones, Aashima Khosla, Janet Paper, Kathrin Schrick

May 2014

May 2014
L-R: Erika Peters, Amanda Bradley, Will Jones, Aashima Khosla,
Janet Paper, Emily Jimenez, James Arpin, Kathrin Schrick

May 2013

May 2013
L-R: Kathrin Schrick, Erika Peters, Will Jones, Ali Boehler,
Janet Paper, Aashima Khosla, Dan Stucky, James Arpin

September 2011

September 2011
L-R: front: Ali Boehler, Paige Cox, Kathrin Schrick, Aashima Khosla,
back: Meghan Herde, Preston Stephens, Dan Stucky, Rohit Kamat

December 2009

December 2009
L-R: Achira Mukhopadhyay, Meghan Herde, Aashima Khosla,
Kathrin Schrick, Preston Stephens, Shawna Cikanek

August 2008

 August 2008
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences, Claremont, CA

L-R:Bala K.P. Venkata (Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D. University of Sydney),
Allen Chen (REU,  B.S. 2011, Claremont McKenna College), Grace Qi (REU, Troy High School),
Cuiwen He (REU, B.S. 2010, UCLA), Cindy Cordova (Research Assistant, B.S. 2007, University of Redlands), Kathrin Schrick

October 2007

October 2007
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences, Claremont, CA
L-R: Benjamin Pavlik (M.B.S. 2009, Keck Graduate Institute), Bala K. P. Venkata,
Cindy Cordova, Kathrin Schrick

July 2006

July 2006
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences, Claremont, CA
L-R: Kathrin Schrick, Sara A. Marlatt (B.S. 2006, Azusa Pacific University),
Bala K. P. Venkata, Remigio A. Roque (REU, B.S. 2008 North Carolina State University),
Alexandra B. Keenan (REU, B.S.E.  B.S. B.A. 2010, University of Iowa)


Former lab members at Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences (not pictured) include:
Ian Spalding, Research Assistant (B.S. 2005, Chemistry/Mathematics, Azusa Pacific University)
Timothy R. Howes, REU 2005 (B.S. 2006, Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University)
Marguerite Leeds, Senior Thesis (B.S. 2006, Math/Biology, Harvey Mudd College)
Henry Nguyen, REU 2007 (B.S. 2009, Chemistry and Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon U.)
Marta Bjornson, REU 2007 (B.S. 2009, Bioengineering, Rice University)
Britney Swen, REU 2003 (B.S. 2004, Azusa Pacific College)