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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Considering Social Work?

  • Considering Social Work as your major? Check out our Social Work Study Guide and our Social Work Program flyer to find out more about possible careers, the major, field experience and curriculum.
  • Interested in the College of Arts and Sciences? Find out more here.
  • If you have any questions about our program or how to apply please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator, Kristen Kremer, at 785-532-6895 or kpkremer@ksu.edu

Want to explore Social Work?

Here are some potential classes open to students from any major that can help you learn more about the Social Work program: 

  • SOCWK 100 Social Work - The Helping Profession: An introduction to the profession of social work and the various fields of social service by observing, experiencing, and analyzing social work and its place in society. An opportunity for the student to test social work as a possible career choice.

  • SOCWK 200  Basic Skills for Working with People: This course develops basic skill components for the helping professions. Students learn fundamentals of interpersonal communication.

  • SOCWK 315 Human Behavior in the Social Environment: An introduction to the relationship among biological, social, psychological, and cultural systems as they affect or are affected by human behavior as it relates to the social work model of practice. Emphasis on social systems and understanding of human development and behavior.
  • SOCWK 510 Social Welfare: The development and present status of social welfare in meeting changing human needs and the requirements of other parts of our social system; the analysis of present-day philosophy and the functions of social welfare.

Social Work pairs well with other majors and certificates! Check out different options below.