Internships and Careers

During their junior or senior year, qualified students in the Sociology undergraduate program may participate in a professionally supervised internship with an organization directly related to their career interests and aspirations. The aim of the supervised internship is to prepare beginning professionals for careers in a variety of settings related to their major. The program is especially intended for those students with at least 15 completed hours in Sociology course work.

For more information regarding possible internships contact Dr. Lisa Melander at Also check out the information provided by the Career Center.


7-13 academic credit hours may be earned through the field expereince option, as follows:

Course # Title Credit Hours
SOCIO567 Orientation 1
SOCIO568 Field Experience 6-9
SOCIO569 Professional Seminar 3


SOCIO 567: In this course, students are prepared for their internship experience and learn about issues concerning professionalization, ethics, and careers in criminology. The course also covers the basics of resume-building, cover letter writing, communication and interview skills, and internship and job searching strategies. Professionals from the community who have previously mentored our interns also join the class to provide some applied insight on internships and careers related to Sociology.

SOCIO 568: The on-site hours required in a Field Experience internship range from approximately 240 (part-time) to 480 (full-time) hours. Internships may be paid or unpaid and although they typically occur during the summer can also be scheduled in the spring or fall semesters. As part of this experience, you will coordinate learning objectives and gain practical experience within your field of interest. The completion of a Field Experience journal and a final reflective paper are also required. It is best if students take SOCIO 567 before SOCIO 568, but the courses may occur concurrently.

SOCIO 569: The Sociology Professional Seminar integrates field experience and everyday practices with relevant bodies of sociological and criminological theory and research. This course must be taken concurrently with SOCIO 568. SOCIO 567 is a pre-requisite. Students will submit a pre-proposal to the faculty liaison no later than the third week of the internship. This pre-proposal outlines a major research paper relevant to the students internship experience.