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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Course Enrollment and Flyers


Once you know which courses work best for you, your next step is enrollment advising. Due to COVID-19, advising will be done virtually this semester. You will set up an appointment with your advisor by e-mailing them directly. Wondering when you'll be able to enroll? You can check your enrollment date in KSIS now! Simply log in and look under the tab labeled "Enrollment Date". You should also check under your "Advisor" tab to check who your academic advisor is if you do not already know. Graduates, seniors and high-level juniors can meet with their advisor much earlier than their enrollment date, though for all other students it is best to schedule advising closer to their enrollment date.

Course Flyers 

Socio 361A - Criminal Justice System

Jamilya Anderson 

Criminal Justice System

Socio 362 - Police and Society

Dr. Travis Linneman

Police and Society

Socio 423 - Methods of Social Research

Dr. Lisa Melander

Socio 423

Socio 500 Sex Crimes & Society - Summer 2021

Dr. Sue Williams

Sex Crimes & Society

Socio 500A-13382 - Fall 2021

Dr. Travis Linneman

The War on Drugs

Socio 536 Society and Natural Resources - Fall 2021

Dr. Gerad Middendorf

Society and Natural Resources

Socio 567 Internship Orientation 

Dr. Lisa Melander


Socio 568 Field Experience Internship

Dr. Lisa Melander


Socio 633 - Gender, Power, and Development

Dr. Nadia Shapkina

Gender, Power, and Development

SOCIO 435 Sport and Contemporary Society - Fall 2022

Jacob Miller-Klugesherz, M.A.