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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Internships and Careers

During their junior or senior year, qualified students in the Sociology or Sociology/ Criminology program may participate in a professionally supervised internship with a criminal justice agency or other organization directly related to their career interests and aspirations. The aim of the supervised internship is to prepare beginning professionals for careers in a variety of settings related to their major. The program is especially intended for those students with at least 15 completed hours in Sociology course work.

Academic credit, ranging from seven to thirteen hours, may be earned through the Field Experience option, as follows:

Course #TitleCredit Hours
SOCIO568 Field Experience6-9
SOCIO569 Professional Seminar3

The student who wishes to earn the maximum thirteen hours credit will enroll in the one-hour orientation, a full-time Field Experience program, and the Professional Seminar.

SOCIO 567 Whether enrolled in a full or part-time Field Experience, student registration in the Career and Employment Services' (CES) Experiential Learning program is required. Field Experience must be completed no later than two academic sessions after the conclusion of the SOCIO 567 orientation.

One of the advantages of the partnership with CES is that the student receives not only academic credit but also documentation of the Experiential Learning component on their KSU transcript. For example, if the student interns with the U.S. Marshals, s/he can receive up to 13 hours credit (through SOCIO567, 568, and 569) and have "Arts and Science Co-operative Work Assignment, U.S. Marshals" appear on the transcript. Further, CES registration provides many other services including resume-building, letter writing, communication and interview skills, and access to job bulletin boards.

SOCIO 568 The on-site hours required in a Field Experience internship range from approximately 240 (part-time) to 480 (full-time) hours. Internships may be paid or unpaid. The key requirement is that the work be career/professional related. CES and K-State's Sociology/Criminology faculty work together to coordinate learning objectives, liaison with the host agency, and document student and host agency evaluations. The completion of a Field Experience journal is usually required.

SOCIO 569 The Sociology Professional Seminar integrates field experience and everyday practices with relevant bodies of sociological and criminological theory and research. This course must be taken concurrently with SOCIO 568. SOCIO 567 is a pre-requisite. Students will submit a pre-proposal to the faculty liaison no later than the third week of the internship. This pre-proposal outlines a major research paper relevant to the students internship experience.