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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Student Organizations

Joining a student club, can be immensely beneficial, as it can provide you with unique opportunities and experiences, at the time that it also enhances your education and allows you to grow your network. The Anthropology Program at Kansas State University is proud to sponsor the: (1) Anthropology Club and (2) Medical Missions Club

Anthropology Club

 The Anthropology Club offers a place for students from all backgrounds and career paths to connect with others and engage in anthropological ideas, conversations, and community building. The purpose of the organization is to allow students and faculty to explore anthropological ideas in a community by meeting others with similar interests and being able to engage in respectful dialogue with one another. The purpose extends further for Anthropology majors and minors to strengthen their individual anthropological mindsets and paths through career development.

Medical Missions Club and Foundation for International Relief of Children 

The club encourages medical care among those in impoverished communities, and promotes medical and volunteer related interests through  meetings, discussions, and volunteer events. The club's ultimate goal is to connect Kansas State University students with the medical care world and opportunities