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Sanitation and Food Safety

Policy Regarding Events Serving Food on Campus

Kansas State University has a long standing policy concerning special or temporary events serving food on campus.  A clear distinction is made between those that are a closed group event, i.e. members only, office only, department only; and those sponsored by a University group but inviting “the public” to participate (campus, city, etc.)  Events fully catered by purveyors licensed by the State of Kansas will be approved.

Those who are sharing food among themselves know who is responsible for the food preparation and must make their decision to participate accordingly.

When a group sponsors an open event, “the public must reasonably expect that their health and safety will be protected.  Events open to the public with food prepared by individuals at individual locations will have a difficult time receiving approval.

Policy:  Environmental Health & Safety would like to caution organizations about sponsoring open events involving the serving of food.  Any event held on University grounds or in University buildings, whether admission is charged or not, is subject to the provisions of the Kansas Food Code, and must follow this policy and procedure.  These regulations apply to all events.


  1. A food preparation, handling, and serving plan must be submitted to the Campus Sanitarian for approval. Criteria for approval include:
    1. the menu,
    2. who is preparing the food,
    3. how the food will be prepared,
    4. where it will be prepared,
    5. where it will be served and by whom,
    6. how it will be served,
    7. how it will be cleaned up,
    8. the time frame within which this will occur. 
  1. The Campus Sanitarian will review the food preparation plan and determine if it meets the provisions of the Kansas Food Code.  Special attention is given to the hazard of the particular food, sanitation procedures during its preparation, transportation and serving and equipment available to maintain temperatures during preparation, transportation, and serving. 
  1. All events will proceed only if approval has been granted by the Campus Sanitarian. 
  1. Food may be served only in building or locations approved by the Division of Facilities.