Specific Hazards

The following subsections describe the unique hazards associated with certain materials. The sections contain information on the nature of the hazard and how to safely work with the material. In general, these materials and other highly hazardous substances should be eliminated from your process or substituted with less hazardous materials whenever possible.

Prior to working with any of these substances, consult the SDS and other related safety information. It is mandatory that a hazard assessment be performed and an SOP generated for the hazardous process. The hazard assessment may or may not be in writing, but the safety controls selected as a result of that process must be included in the SOP. Additionally, some of the safety guidance within this section may not be necessary due to the detail of your specific process. Suggested safety practices may be foregone after a thorough hazard assessment is performed and or a reviewing entity has approved the process. Required safety practices are mandatory and must be implemented.