Chemical Inventories

Laboratories are required to maintain an inventory of all hazardous chemicals present in their work area on EHS Assistant. EHS Assistant is an inventory program provided by EHS for the purpose of maintaining a centralized record of all chemicals present on campus. The chemical inventory must include:

  1. Full chemical name in English
  2. Storage location
  3. The owner of the chemical
  4. The amount on hand

This information is for both safety and regulatory purposes. EHS Assistant is pre-loaded with thousands of chemicals for ease of use. When adding chemicals to your inventory, please carefully search for your chemical before adding it to the system. CAS numbers are attached to each chemical to avoid confusion caused by multiple names to identify a single chemical. Use CAS numbers to avoid duplicating entries into EHS Assistant. The quantity entered may be detailed live-time quantities, or stock storage amounts.

For access to the EHS Assistant program, see our webpage: