Electrical Safety

Experimental setups often involve the use of several electrically powered instruments simultaneously. In order to reduce the risk of equipment and laboratory damage and personal harm, observe the following guidelines:

  1. All electrical equipment and services must be grounded.
  2. All electrical cords which are frayed or deteriorated must be replaced.
  3. Electrical cords and instrument cables must not be located near potential heat sources, in locations where they may be subjected to wear by friction, or where they may present a shock or fire hazard.
  4. Equipment electrical cords and extension cords must not be placed above ceiling tiles, through doorways or walls, or located where they will present a tripping hazard.
  5. Extension cords may only be used for temporary conditions. They must not be used in place of permanent wiring. If extension cords are used, be sure the cord rating is adequate for usage and is a grounded type.
  6. Electrical outlets within 6 feet of a water source should be GFCI.