IACUC Occupational Health Enrollment

The Federal Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) requires all institutions conducting animal research to provide occupational health support for all of its animal researchers and staff. All occupational animal workers participate in the Occupational Health Safety Program (OHSP). This includes animal caretakers, herdsmen, student workers, researchers, graduate students, or students having contact with animals in research activities. The IACUC application form has a section where PIs list all protocol-associated personnel. This is used to identify personnel for both mandatory animal care and use training, and enrollment in the OHSP. The enrollment of other personnel not identified through the IACUC protocol process is initiated by the individual department or group (i.e., animal care staff, facility staff) engaged in animal care and use activities. Animal worker enrollment in the OHSP is also spot checked during the semiannual animal facility inspections.

The University Research Compliance Office (URCO) maintains a database of individuals participating in university research projects. This database documents participation in the animal care and use OHSP. The URCO captures names of participants in proposals upon submission, and documents their status in the animal care and use OHSP. If additional information, training, or documentation is needed, the PI is contacted for further information or action.

To initiate the enrollment process, please access the Occupational Health forms on the University Research Compliance Office website at /comply/iacuc/ohsp/index.html. If you should have any questions please contact the University Research Compliance Office (URCO) by phone (785) 532-3224 or email at comply@ksu.edu.

Additional medical monitoring may be required other University entities as identified in the Laboratory Safety Manual.