First Aid Kits

The ANSI Z308.1-2003 standard establishes minimum performance requirements for first aid kits and their contents that are intended for use in various work environments. Because each work environment is unique, it is expected that the required products will be supplemented with additional products and quantities based upon the hazards found in the particular work environment.

Kansas State University recommends that a first aid kit be located in the main office of each department and in every laboratory and shop area. Each kit and/or location shall be easily accessible and visibly marked as a place where first aid supplies are located. To ensure immediate access to first aid supplies, it is recommended that first aid kits not be locked.

First aid kits should be regularly inspected to ensure completeness, condition of contents and expiration dates to maintain compliance with this standard. Any item beyond its marked expiration date should be removed from the kit and replaced.

Minimum Required Contents (10 person kit)

  1. 1 - absorbent compress (32 sq. in.)
  2. 16 - adhesive bandages (1 X 3 in.)
  3. 1 - adhesive tape (3/8 in. X 5 yd.)
  4. 10 - individual-use antiseptic applications (0.5 g or 0.14 fl. oz. each)
  5. 6 - individual-use burn treatment applications (0.9 g or 1/32 oz. each)
  6. 2 pairs medical exam gloves
  7. 4 - sterile pads (3 X 3 in.)
  8. 1 - triangular bandage (40 X 40 X 56 in.)
  9. antibiotic treatment
  10. battery powered flashlight
  11. bandage compress
  12. eye covering
  13. eye wash
  14. cold pack
  15. roller bandage

Optional Recommended Contents

It is a good idea to customize the first aid kit to suit the specific hazards of your workplace. You can identify additional items by asking your employees what they need and also by looking over past accident reports. Additional items might include:

  1. various bandage and compress sizes,
  2. antiseptic wipes,
  3. disposable tweezers,
  4. scissors,
  5. calamine lotion,
  6. hydrocortisone cream,
  7. disposable thermometers,
  8. mouth barrier devices for rescue breathing, or
  9. other items that would be helpful in your workplace.

Oral medications such as analgesics (pain reliever/fever reducer), cold remedies, antihistamines and others should not be included in first aid kits.