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Environmental Health and Safety

Respiratory Protection Program (RPP)

This program applies to all KSU employees, faculty, researchers, student workers, volunteers, and interns that perform tasks requiring the use of respiratory protection at university facilities or other locations during the execution of KSU work activities. Persons using respiratory protection in the execution of their KSU job duties are required to be enrolled in this program through the KSU Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

Engineering controls, such as increased ventilation or enclosure of the hazard, or substitution of a hazardous substance to less hazardous materials, are the first line of defense. Such controls may not be feasible or may not completely abate exposure risks. In these situations, respirators and other protective equipment must be used.

Procedures for RPP Enrollment:

Individuals must complete the steps below to enroll in the KSU RPP, which includes components of the Respiratory Protection Standard  such as medical clearance and annual training and fit testing. hazard evaluation must be completed for any new work activity requiring respiratory protection and each department/program must have a worksite-specific respiratory protection plan.

Initial Enrollment

  1. hazard evaluation must be completed for any activity requiring respiratory protection and each department/program must develop worksite-specific respiratory protection plan. Contact EHS for assistance.
  2. The Initial Respirator Clearance and Enrollment Form is filled out by the employee and/or their supervisor. Part B of this form is filled out and signed by the physician or licensed health care provider (PLHCP) to indicate that the employee has been medically cleared to use a respirator under the conditions stipulated in the form. The completed form is returned to EHS.
  3. The Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire is filled out by the employee and reviewed by the PLHCP. This questionnaire is kept by the medical provider. Responses to the questionnaire should not be provided to the supervisor or maintained in a personnel file (use a copy of the Initial Respirator Clearance form as documentation of medical approval). Medical evaluation is conducted upon initial enrollment to the program. A follow up medical evaluation is only needed  if medical conditions change or there are significant changes to work activities and respiratory protection needs.
  4. The respirator user completes respiratory protection training online through HSI/Vivid (new user register here).   
  5. An EHS representative will contact the employee to schedule a respirator fit test after receiving the PLHCP-signed Initial Respiratory Clearance and Enrollment Form and upon confirmation of training completion. EHS will provide a variety of respirator sizes and models for employees to try during fit testing to identify the acceptable respirator that fits correctly. If a fit test is completed by another authorized provider (confirm acceptable vendors by contacting EHS), certification of the fit test must be provided to EHS along with the PLHCP-signed Initial Respiratory Clearance and Enrollment Form. Respirator users must be fit to the same respirator(s) they will use. 
  6. Existing users that have already enrolled in the RPP must fill out the Annual Respiratory Protection Clearance Form.
  7. Annually, respirator users will be notified via email when their annual requirements (fit testing and training) are due. They must complete the online training through Vivid and submit the Annual Respiratory Protection Clearance Form to respirator@ksu.edu. KSU EHS then contacts individuals to schedule their annual fit test. Those obtaining fit testing or training outside of EHS must ensure the programs are approved by EHS and forward documentation annually to EHS.

Initial RPP Enrollment DiagramInitial RPP Enrollment Diagram

Annual RPP Enrollment DiagramAnnual RPP Diagram 
Voluntary Use RPP Enrollment DiagramVoluntary Use Diagram