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Proper ergonomics reduce the potential for injury resulting from task repetition, forceful exertions and repetitive or sustained awkward postures.  Ergonomic controls are important when setting up work practices and assessing related risk factors.  Proper controls range from establishing appropriate lifting procedures to designing workstations to minimize risk.  The department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) can assist with advice and referrals for assessing activities, work environments and equipment in various work settings.  Contact safety@ksu.edu for information.   

Setting up your computer work station

Many K-Staters spend a good portion of their workday at a computer.  People are not designed to sit all day in front of a computer display and keyboard.  It is important to take short breaks frequently throughout the day.  Stand, stretch and walk a bit during the workday to help avoid discomfort and lessen the risk of injury. One idea is to set a timer or alarm to remind you to take short breaks.

It is also very important to set up your work environment to optimize your work flow and promote proper body positions.  Follow the link below to visit the OSHA Computer Workstation eTool, which provides guidance for proper lighting, posture, equipment placement and more.   

OSHA Computer Workstation eTool

Printable checklist:  www.osha.gov/etools/computer-workstations/checklists/evaluation 

Computer workstation ergonomic evaluations

The risk of injury and discomfort from computer work may be lessened with proper posture, component placement and good work flow design.  EHS has trained personnel who can evaluate workstations for proper ergonomics arrangements (a fee is assessed to the requesting department).  The evaluation includes an in-person assessment of the workstation and recommendations for corrective measures.  At this time, home office evaluations are not available. 

Call 532-3846 or the EHS main office (532-5856) to request an Ergonomic Evaluation.


Online training in "Office Ergonomics" and "Industrial Ergonomics" is available through K-State via the "VIVID" learning management system at no cost to students, faculty and staff.
If you are a new user and need an account, register by filling out and submitting a registration form to gain access to online courses. Once registered, you should be able to login using your K-State eID and password at https://passthrough.signin.k-state.edu/passthrough/vivid.  You may then enroll in any of the courses available, including "Office Ergonomics", "Industrial Ergonomics", and "Back Safety and Injury Prevention".