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Environmental Health and Safety

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Injury Response and Reporting

Work-related incidents/injuries/illness/accidents should be reported through the electronic Incident Reporting System within 3 days of the incident. Paper forms are no longer accepted to report worker incidents. For injuries requiring immediate or urgent care, seek medical assistance/care via the nearest and most appropriate healthcare facility and report the injury after or have the supervisor report the incident.  

For assistance with the electronic Incident Reporting System, please contact your department HR Liaison or HR Benefits office.  Find information related to workers compensation on the HR website.

Incidents involving students and individuals who are not university employees may also be reported through the Incident Reporting System portal. Questions or concerns may be directed to EHS at safety@ksu.edu for incidents not related to employment.  Students are strongly encouraged to report injuries occurring on campus through the Incident Reporting System. Providing information about student campus injuries helps the university respond to safety concerns and perhaps avoid future incidents.