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Environmental Health and Safety

Incident/Injury Reporting

Work-related incidents/injuries/illness/accidents should be reported through the electronic Incident Reporting System within 3 days of the incident. Paper forms are no longer accepted to report worker incidents. For injuries requiring immediate or urgent care, seek medical assistance/care via the nearest and most appropriate healthcare facility and report the injury after or have the supervisor report the incident.  

For assistance with the electronic Incident Reporting System, please contact your department HR Liaison or HCS Benefits office.  Find information related to workers compensation on the HCS website.

Incidents involving students and individuals who are not university employees may also be reported through the Incident Reporting System portal. Questions or concerns may be directed to EHS at safety@ksu.edu for incidents not related to employment.  Students are strongly encouraged to report injuries occurring on campus through the Incident Reporting System. Providing information about student campus injuries helps the university respond to safety concerns and perhaps avoid future incidents.

Additional guidance is provided below. 


Guidelines for Reporting Concerns and Incidents

  • Physical hazards relating to the building or grounds disrepair require the department to place a work order with facilities and email EHS as needed. Construction related physical hazards should be reported to Facilities (to project manager if known) and to EHS as needed.

  • When an employee is injured at the worksite or during the course of their work duties (including travel) this must be reported through the electronic Incident Reporting System within 3 days of the incident.  
  • If you observe an incident, ask the person or other witness the name of the injured person.  Report to EHS or HCS Benefits (for employees only) the name and other known information (location, time, known witnesses, cause of incident if known, etc). Recommend to the injured person that they report the incident online.  
  • Supervisors and/or department HR representatives are obligated to report any known work related injury that is not reported by the employee.  A supervisor may report the injury for the employee through the electronic Incident Reporting System.  The system will ask if the report is for self or not.  Report all injuries or exposures to KSU employees related to work (e.g., during the performance of their work, during travel for work, occurred at the worksite).
  • If someone observes an incident, but can not obtain any details (e.g., about the person injured), report what is known about the incident (location, time, known witnesses, cause of incident if known, license plate number if car related, etc) directly to EHS. If there is no injury and no observed damage, spill or perceived hazard, no report to EHS is needed.

  • If the person is reporting a near miss (something that could have resulted in injury but did not) in the work setting, they should report to the safety rep and/or EHS committee for the college and/or department so a future incident can be averted.  If those entities are unknown or non-responsive to the hazard or condition, contact the KSU EHS department.
  • Providing as much detail about the nature of the incident helps the university properly address safety issues.  Be as specific as possible:
    • about the location (EX:  outside, NW corner of south Kramer A lot;  Rm A35, Moiser, PI ___ lab)
    • about the nature of the incident (EX:  Needle stick with non-human blood sample penetrated glove & skin; on my way to a meeting and I slipped on ice on the sidewalk...)
    • about details and witnesses who can provide additional detail about the event or the cause of the incident (EX:  Acme delivery truck ran into trash compactor on loading dock...)
    • about the time of the incident (EX:  approximately 3:20 pm on Friday, Dec 12th...)
  • Report within 3 days of any work related injury or exposure incident, or within 3 days of discovery of a work related illness.
  • Injured students have the option to obtain treatment at the Lafene Medical Center

Follow the below flow chart for general reporting procedures.

Incident Reporting Process

Report an Incident


Report Crime and Concerns Below

Report It