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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety
108 Edwards Hall
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Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Laboratory Cleanout Form

If you have 30 or more containers of hazardous waste to be picked up please use this form and not the Hazardous Waste pickup form.  Additional instructions are on the form.  If these chemicals are already in your chemical inventory in the EHS Assistant please remove them from your EHSA Assistant inventory.  Let us know which chemical(s) needs to be picked up or if ALL of them need to be picked up.  EHS requires 60 days advance notice for large laboratory clean outs due to regulatory storage limitations and vendor cost logistics.  Additional instructions are on the form. 

 Click here to go to the form:

Laboratory cleanout form (xls)

Once you have completed the form, please email to safety@ksu.edu 

Laboratory Close-Out Form

Please complete the following prior to the departure of a researcher, at termination of investigator research activities, and when vacating an academic laboratory. For research laboratories and activities, the PI (or designated departmental staff if researcher is unavailable) is responsible for this process, including for graduate student activities. Provide student researchers a copy of this form prior to departure if there is termination of laboratory space activities.

Laboratory Close-Out Checklist (pdf)

Once you have completed the form, please email to safety@ksu.edu