Student Talent and Employee workforce Development

Career fairPotential processes:

  • Recruit and hire K-State students and alumni.
  • Enhance employee development opportunities available through K-State's innovative curriculum and instruction.

Ways to interact:

  • Career fairs, meet ups and interviews.
  • Student-focused gifts.
  • Alumni connections.
  • Internships, co-ops and externships.
  • Classroom presentations.
  • Student mentoring.
  • Class projects.
  • Student competitions.
  • Professional development, certificates and degree programs.
  • Advisory board and committee participation.

Testing and Support Services

NASA testingPotential processes:

  • Access specialized expertise, equipment and facilities.

Ways to interact:

  • Field and clinical trials.
  • Material transfer and confidentiality agreements.
  • Product demonstration, efficacy and performance testing.
  • Laboratory services.
  • Core facility equipment.
  • Procurement contracts.
  • Conference and workshop facilities.
  • Faculty consultation.

Research and Development

3D printed graphene

Potential processes:

  • Collaborate with world-class faculty and researchers to address industry R & D needs.

Ways to interact:

  • Sponsored research projects.
  • Research gifts.
  • Joint federal grant submissions.
  • International exchanges.
  • Material transfer, confidentiality and master agreements.
  • Visiting researchers.
  • Centers and consortia.
  • Conferences and workshops.
  • Product engineering and prototyping.

Technology and Innovation

Research showcase reception

Potential processes:

  • Partner with K-State to bring innovations to the marketplace through technology licensing, startup creation or acquisition.

Ways to interact:

  • License available technologies.
  • Startup company creation and facilitation.
  • Business development education and promotion.
  • Proof of concept and startup funding.
  • Adjunct and visiting professor appointments.

Economic Development and Co-location

Research showcase

Potential processes:

  • Leverage proximity to K-State resources and connect to community resources to enhance and grow business opportunities.

Ways to interact:

  • Turn-key commercial real estate near K-State talent, resources and innovation.
  • Inclusive community development.
  • Regional economic development partnerships.
  • Local entrepreneurial services.

Industry connection PDFDownload a PDF of potential opportunities to partner with K-State.


Katie Small

Katie Small
Industry engagement manager
K-State Innovation Partners