Plant Variety Protection

The Plant Variety Protection Office, or PVPO provides protection to breeders of new varieties of seeds and tubers. A PVP certificate can, when combined with licensing, develop future funds for a breeding program. It also can preserve the financial and other interests of participants in a program, who may have provided upfront funds.

What rights do I have as an owner?

Certificate owners have the rights to:

  • Exclusively market and sell their varieties.
  • Manage the use of their varieties by other breeders.
  • Legal protection of their work.

However, it is the responsibility of the variety owner to enforce their PVP rights.

What are the criteria for a variety to be eligible for PVP?

  • New and distinct from other varieties — novel.
  • Genetically uniform.
  • Stable through successive generations.

How long is the term of a PVP Certificate?

The PVPO grants a certificate that protect varieties for 20 years — 25 years for vines and trees.

How do prepare for the PVP Certificate Application?

The PVPO provides detailed instruction for how to fill out and submit application forms for PVP certification. Please visit the PVPO website to find the details.

How do I search for registered PVP certificates?

Please visit the PVPO website to find a list of certificates issued in the past 5 years.