Security of research data and intellectual property has been much in the news in recent months. The Facility Security Office is focused on ensuring that K-State maintains national security along with an open research environment.

The information below is designed to inform K-Staters of the broader context of security and the challenges we face today.

Academic solicitation

Academic solicitation is one of the most common and effective methods of unfairly and/or illegally taking advantage of your research and intellectual property. Download a PDF that describes the problem and outlines simple measures that can help you protect yourself.

Intellectual property protection

Download a two-page brochure (PDF) from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that provides a quick summary of effective tactics that could be used to acquire your intellectual property illegally, followed by protection strategies.

China's technology transfer strategy

The Department of Defense chartered a study (PDF) by the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) to identify the methods China uses to steal American intellectual property and improperly publish American research as well as the impact of those efforts. Although China isn't the only entity to abuse our openness and desire for research, it is the most effective overall, and any steps designed to prevent China's success will most likely be effective against others.

IP Commission report

A 2013 report from The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property (PDF) identifies the longstanding difficulties in protecting American intellectual property and the impact of our adversaries' efforts. The report provides a useful reference to past problems and identifies potential future measures.

Targeting U.S. Technologies

This 2017 report (PDF) was authored by the Defense Security Service, the U.S. government entity chartered with protection of U.S. industry and academia from research and intellectual property theft. It provides a snapshot of its findings, including the most highly targeted industries and methods. This report continues to highlight American universities as a significant target. Key information is highlighted at the beginning of each chapter.

Foreign collection methods

This guide (PDF) provides a short reference on how to identify when you are the target of a foreign entity's collection/intelligence apparatus.