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NSF-NRT Traineeship Track Limited Submission Guidance

Internal submissions to the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program should provide the following information. The document should be no longer than four pages, including tables, figures, and references. Information should be presented in the order requested. Use a font no smaller than Times New Roman 11 pt.

  • Cover sheet: cover sheet (docx); fill out only the applicable portions

  • Project Title: (use the NSF structure)

  • List of Core Participants (in tabular form, including Name, Department (and university if not K-State), Role in the Project, and Area of Expertise)

  • Names of any other institutions or organizations and their role in the project

  • Project Synopsis: Include the following information 

    • Vision and goals of the program
    • Interdisciplinary research theme
    • Main training elements
    • Integration of the research and training
    • National/international need for the program
    • Specific efforts focused on integrating diversity into the program
    • How the program will be sustained following the end of NSF support
  • The leadership team’s experience with graduate training programs,, NSF and other

  • The leadership team's experience in attracting external support, NSF and other
  • Estimated budget (follow the format shown below; provide brief justification for each item in the description column)



5-year total budget

Senior Personnel (salary + fringe)

Describe in some detail; add extra rows as necessary


Project Director (salary + fringe)

Indicate what fraction of time will be covered by this project





Participant Support Costs

Indicate how many trainee years will be included and the cost for each





Other (specify)










Please combine these into one PDF and submit via ordlimitedsubs@k-state.edu by 5:00 p.m. central time on the date listed on the Upcoming Limited Submission Opportunities table. Use no smaller than an 11 pt Times New Roman font.