Keck Foundation limited submission guidance

The W.M. Keck Foundation supports distinct, novel, and high-risk/high-impact research. The foundation's website provides additional details about its mission. K-State may submit one application in each of two categories:

  1. Science and engineering research
  2. Medical research

Applications must be submitted via the KSU Foundation. The selection process will be handled through the Office of Research Development, or ORD.

The Keck program has two submission opportunities each year, but each cycle has a series of submission steps and timeline that must be followed. Because the Keck Foundation only allows K-State to submit one Phase I application per category for each cycle, ORD requests concept papers for review in early January and early May each year to limit the number of submissions that go forward. The concept papers chosen through this internal review are presented to the Keck Foundation during the pre-application counselling period — January 1-February 15; July 1-August 15. ORD provides the authors with Keck’s feedback to help them prepare for the Phase 1 application — May 1 and November 1 deadlines. Phase II proposals are by invitation only from the Keck Foundation and are due August 15 and February 15 for the two cycles, respectively.

To submit a concept paper to the internal K-State review process, prepare a one-page write up containing:

  • Funding area of interest.
  • An overview of the proposed project emphasizing any unique aspects and pilot studies.
  • A description of the methodologies and key personnel.
  • Brief justification of the need for Keck support.
  • An estimated budget broken down by major areas — personnel, equipment, consumable supplies, etc.

Illustrations and references should not be included. Please include a cover sheet (docx) with your concept paper. Only the middle portion of the cover sheet applies.

Submit to by 5 p.m. central time on the date listed on the Upcoming Limited Submission Opportunities table. ORD will be available to assist with pre-proposal preparation.