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Office of the Vice President for Research
102 Anderson Hall
Manhattan KS, 66506


EPSCoR Track-4 Limited Submission Guidance

Your EPSCoR Track-4 internal limited submission proposal should include the following.
  • Cover sheet: cover sheet (docx)
  • Project description: An up to four-page description explaining the project you will conduct during your extended collaborative visit and describing the facility/institution/laboratory you will be visiting. Be sure to include clearly articulated goals and objectives. You should also identify the collaborator(s) you will be working with at the host site and the nature of the collaboration and the collaborator’s roles. Please also address:
    • Why the host site you have chosen is the best place for your collaborative visit.  Be sure to address your research needs/goals as well as your collaborating researcher(s) and the infrastructure/resources at the host site.
    • How your extended collaborative visit will benefit you both during the visit period and beyond.
    • What the host site’s role will be in achieving your research goals and objectives.
    • What are the benefits to KSU and Kansas.
    • What resources is the host site committing.
    • If you are taking a graduate student or a postdoc, what will they be doing at the host site.
  • A reference list (does not count against the project description’s page count)
  • A project time line for meeting the project’s goals and objectives
  • An email from your department head indicating his/her support of the collaborative visit
  • An email from the host site indicating support for your visit
  • A one-page draft budget
  • Your bio in NSF format

Please combine these into one PDF and submit via orsplimitedsubs@ksu.edu by 5:00 p.m. central time on the date listed on the Upcoming Limited Submission Opportunities table. Use no smaller than an 11 pt Times New Roman font.