Here to Help: Reasonable changes

Regardless of where the reported violence occurred, or if an individual chooses to make a report to the university, information on counseling or therapeutic services, medical services, victim advocacy, legal assistance, visa and immigration assistance, and student financial aid assistance is available. Additionally, the university may offer reasonably available changes to academic, living, transportation or working situations if requested. However, available changes may be limited if there is no report to OIE and/or no finding that a policy violation occurred.

Reasonable changes can include, but are not limited to:


  • Discrete professor notification and accommodation (receiving extensions, rescheduling exams, etc.)
  • Alternative course completion options (course load reduction or withdrawal)
  • Voluntary leave of absence
  • Academic support, such as tutoring


  • Change in campus housing
  • Change in campus dining location
  • Assistance in finding alternative housing


  • Change in work schedule
  • Change in job assignment
  • Voluntary leave of absence

Financial Aid

  • Emergency funds or loans
  • Potential refund of tuition and fees as a result of alternate course completion
  • Back-dated withdrawal with refund


  • No-contact order
  • Providing an escort to ensure safe movement between class and activities


  • Access to counseling services
  • Medical services
  • Arrangements to ensure safety and access to other support services
  • Assistance in identifying a support person to help secure additional resources or assistance
  • Assistance with visa immigration procedures


  • Shuttle service, cab voucher, or parking

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