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Here to Help

A guide to resources and support services for individuals in the K-State community

Kansas State University is committed to providing a safe and positive living, learning and working environment where students, staff, faculty and visitors can enjoy the benefits and opportunities the K-State community offers free from discrimination.

Sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, and stalking are significant experiences and can be traumatizing. Each person's experience is unique and numerous options are available for support and reporting at the Manhattan, Olathe and Polytechnic campuses. It is important to note there is no one correct response — simply different options to access support and different reporting options.

icon for your options as a K-StaterYour options as a K-Stater

Icon for emotional and physical effectsEmotional and physical effects

Icon for Steps to consider following a sexual assaultSteps to consider following a sexual assault

Reporting iconReporting options

Campus support iconCampus support

Community support iconCommunity support

Medical support iconMedical support

Therapeutic and counseling services iconTherapeutic and counseling services

Icon for Additional resourcesAdditional resources

Icon for reasonable changesReasonable changes

Icon for confidentialityConfidentiality

Here to help icon

Download the Here to Help guide (pdf) to resources and support services.