Report Conduct Violation

The Judicial Branch is responsible for reviewing matters of non-academic disciplinary complaints, violations of the K-State Student Government Association constitution, Student Code of Conduct, residence life policies, and Housing and Dining Services contracts.

It aims to ensure fair treatment of students and serve as a judicial authority for resolving complaints and appeals. Judicial boards offer authoritative means to impose sanctions and levy disciplinary actions against students found to be in misconduct or engaging in harassment of fellow students. For students who feel they have been wronged, the judicial system often serves as an avenue of last resort after they fail to resolve their issues by other means.

All complaints must be received no later than twenty (20) class days after the alleged misconduct occurs or is discovered.

Submit a Code of Conduct report for

SGA Judicial Code

Please refer to the SGA Judicial Code for each respective campus for additional information on the judicial process.

Manhattan Campus SGA Judicial Branch

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