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Summer Camps and Programs

Kansas State University is committed to providing quality activities, programs, and camps that connect people with our research, teaching and learning experiences, and the university environment. We are committed to the health and safety of program participants. Program directors complete this form as an essential step in planning and conducting safe and effective experiences.  Any activity involving outside visitors to campus (other than concerts or NCAA sporting events) is required to be registered using this form.  Some examples of activities include private music lessons, private tutoring of non-K-State students, art programs, and sports camps. 

All academic and non-academic programs held during summer 2021, including programs sponsored by university colleges, departments, extension and administrative units, third parties and K-State Athletics, must develop a COVID-19 safety and risk mitigation plan and follow other steps of the approval process. 

Summer Program Registration

Minors Protection on Campus Required Training

Sample COVID 19 Plan 

Volunteer List
Email the Volunteer List to rvandusen@ksu.edu 7 days prior to the start of your program.

Summer Documentation and Plan

KDHE Travel Restrictions List