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K-State Core

In 2020, the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) put together a task force to work on a systemwide general education framework to enhance ease of transfer across Kansas institutions of higher education. On Wednesday, June 15, 2022 KBOR passed a transfer policy and the systemwide general education framework for implementation at all KBOR institutions by Fall 2024.

On January 24, 2023, K-State Faculty Senate passed the policy and accompanying processes for Fall 2024 implementation of the K-State Core, our university’s version of the systemwide general education framework.

The framework covers six disciplinary areas: English, Communications, Mathematics & Statistics, Natural & Physical Sciences, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Arts and Humanities. In addition, a seventh area is reserved for institutionally designated use, which K-State is keeping as free electives. In total, the framework takes up 34-35 credit hours of 100 and 200-level coursework. Students who complete their general education elsewhere cannot be required to take additional general education coursework in the disciplinary areas of the framework without permission from KBOR to continue requiring courses in the K-State Core.

K-State Core Course List

The K-State Core, in its initial iteration, includes courses at the 100- and 200- levels in the disciplines represented in the KBOR systemwide GE “Seven Bucket Framework.” The K-State Core Course List indicates which courses meet the criteria for Kansas State University.

The K-State General Education Council will entertain proposals for additional disciplines or courses to meet the criteria for “Natural & Physical Sciences,” “Social & Behavioral Sciences,” and “Arts & Humanities” discipline areas. The council will make recommendations to the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee for approval.

The K-State Core Course List will adjust as additions are made. It is important to note that K-State’s Institutionally Designated area was approved as electives at the 100- and 200- levels. These six credit hours may be fulfilled by any 100- and 200-level course that does not fulfill another discipline area credit hour requirement for the student.

K-State Core Course List (pdf)


Systemwide Elementary Education Transfer

In June 2023, KBOR adopted a systemwide elementary education transfer pathway. Students interested in an elementary education degree should follow this guide for their K-State Core.

K-State Core Implementation Resources

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