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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
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Faculty Senate Committees

Faculty Affairs Committee (2000)

Considers matters relating to employment qualifications, professional standards, teaching quality, promotions, workload, and all matters affecting the welfare of the faculty. All committees 2001 through 2999 function as subcommittees of and are responsible to the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Members, 2020-2021

Christopher Little, Agriculture
Neal Hubbell, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Don Saucier, Arts and Sciences (Co-Chair)
Kim Charland, Business Administration (Co-Chair)
Vicki Sherbert, Education 
Todd Easton, Engineering
Mykel Taylor, Extension
Betsy Draper, General University
Sara Rosenkranz, Health and Human Sciences
Veronica Denison, K-State Libraries
Michael Oetken, Technology & Aviation, K-State Polytechnic
MM Chengappa, Veterinary Medicine (Co-Chair) Alternate: Mary Lynn Higginbotham
Maggie Billman, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
TBA: Liaison for the Provost
Charlotte Self: Liaison for Human Capital

For additional information please see the Faculty Senate Faculty Affairs website.

Grievance Chair (2021)

Mustaque Hossain, College of Engineering (AY 20-21)

The Grievance Chair serves a three-year term. To learn more about the Administrative Appeal and Grievance Policy and Hearing Procedures please read University Handbook Appendix G.

Faculty Salaries and Fringe Benefits Committee (2090)

Debra Bolton, Diversity, multi student affairs (AY 22-23)
Katelin Christianer-Donkers, International Programs (AY 22-23)
Deborah Kohl, Ag Econ (AY 22-23)
Jeridy Oetken, Applied Human Sciences (AY 22-23)

Amy Betz, Engineering (AY 21-22) CHAIR
Doris Carroll, Spec. Ed, Counseling, Student Affairs (AY 21-22)
Roberta Robinson, K-State Olathe (AY 21-22)

Bruce Bahlmann, OME (AY20-21)
Memory Buffington, A&S Fiscal Officer (AY 20-21)
Fred Guzek, Technology & Aviation (AY 20-21)
Marianne Korten, Math (AY 20-21)

TBA, University Support Staff Senate Representative, ex-officio
TBA, Faculty Affairs Representative, ex-officio
Christopher Urban, Planning & Analysis, ex-officio

The Faculty Salaries and Fringe Benefits Committee reviews and makes recommendations on internal distribution of faculty and unclassified staff salary funds and benefits, and formulates recommendations on the level and distribution of internal and external support.

University Handbook & Policy Committee (2095)

María Teresa DePaoli, Modern Languages (AY 22-23)
Brent Holliday, International Programs (AY 22-23)

Loleta Sump, Facilities Customer Service (AY 21-22)
Kimathi Choma, Asst. Dean, Arts & Sciences (AY 21-22)

Cliff Hight, Libraries, CHAIR (AY 20-21)
Kristin Tobias, iTAC (AY 20-21)
Lisa Wilken, Bio & Ag Engineering (AY 20-21)

Lynn Carlin, Provost's Office, ex officio
TBA, Faculty Affairs Committee Representative, ex officio

Participates in the authoring of the University Handbook and reviews the consistency of the handbook with University and Faculty Senate policy.

Academic Affairs Committee (3000)

Members, 2020-2021

Jenny Bormann, Agriculture
Michael McGlynn, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Elizabeth Dodd, Arts and Sciences
Mark Linville, Business Administration
J. Spencer Clark, Education
Steve Warren, Engineering
Jason Hackett, Extension
Sara Blankley, General University  Alternate: Pamela Erickson
Phillip Vardiman, Health and Human Sciences (Co-Chair)
Carol Sevin, K-State Libraries
Don Von Bergen, Technology & Aviation, K-State Polytechnic (Co-Chair)
Kelli Almes, Veterinary Medicine
Reagan Stonestreet, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
Kelley Brundage, Registrar
Shannon Castleberry, Liaison for the Registrar
Brian Niehoff, Liaison for the Provost

For additional information please see the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs website.

Considers policies and criteria of academic standards, curricula and courses. 

Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures (CAPP) (3010)

Current Committee Members - no term limits 

Duane Dunn, Agriculture (AG)
Lisa Last, Architecture, Planning & Design (AR)
Alison Wheatley, Secretary, Arts & Sciences (AS)
Bente Janda, Business Administration (BA)
Roger Schieferecke, Education (ED) Chair
Andy Fund, Engineering (EN)
Scott Schlender, Graduate School (GS)
Bronwyn Fees, Chair, Human Health and Sciences (HHS)
Terri Gaeddert, Technology & Aviation (TC)
Peggy Schmidt, Veterinary Medicine (VM)
Brian Niehoff, Provost’s Office
Kelli Almes, Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
Vacant, K-State Olathe

Vacant, Global Campus (GC)
Karen Goos, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Jeannie Brown Leonard, Vice Provost for Student Success
Andy Thompson, Office of Student Life (OSL)
Betsy Draper (ITS)
Kelley Brundage, Registrar (OR) 

For additional information please see the Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures website.

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the development, implementation, and revision of procedures supporting approved academic policies that impact the academic progress and/or experience of K-State students.  For more information please see the CAPP webpage.

 Undergraduate Grievance Committee (3030)

Roger Adams, Library, CHAIR (AY 21-22)

Christy Craft, Education (AY 20-21)

Joann Kouba, Animal Sciences and Industry (AY 21-22)

TBA, Student Rep (AY 20-21)
TBA, Student Rep (AY 20-21)

Hears complaints of students against faculty or faculty members against students on grade appeals but not academic dishonesty.

University Calendar Committee (3035)

Kelley Brundage, University Registrar, CHAIR

Michelle Langvardt, Office of the Vice President for Research (AY 20-21)
Mishelle Hay-McCammant, AG Academic Programs (AY 21-22)
Julie Yu-Oppenheim, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance (AY 22-23)
Lane Lundeen, Student (AY 20-21)
Tel Wittmer, Student (AY 20-21)

Considers issues concerning the university academic calendar, studies impact of suggested changes in the academic calendar, and makes recommendations for change to Faculty Senate.

University Library Committee (3040)

Thomas Bell, Libraries (AY 22-23)
Wendy Matlock, English (AY22-23)
Chad Schwartz, Architecture (AY 22-23)
Shannon Skelton, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance (AY 22-23) 

Sarah Brooks, AG Academic Programs (AY 21-22)
Dana Vanlandingham, VM-Diagnostic Medicine (AY 21-22)
Daniel Warner, AS - Art (AY 21-22)
Rebecca Zecha, Budget Office (AY 21-22)

David Ollington, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work (AY 20-21)
Amy Rosine Underwood, AS – Music CHAIR (AY 20-21)
Adrian Self, National Ag Biosecurity (AY 20-21)
Kimball Smith, AS -English (AY 20-21)

TBA, Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Rep

TBA, Graduate Student Rep (AY 20-21)
TBA, Undergraduate Student Rep (AY 20-21)

Lori Goetsch, K-State Libraries, ex-officio

Reviews library operations and recommends policies leading to optimum utilization.