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Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures

Acting Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Tanya González
108 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506



Membership on CAPP includes one member from each academic college and the graduate school appointed by the appropriate Academic Dean, one representative from the Office of Educational and Personal Development Programs, one representative from the Division of Continuing Education, one representative from the Office of Admissions, one representative from the Registrar's Office, one member from the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs committee, and one member from the Provost's office.

Each academic dean or administrative department head will appoint one representative and an alternate member. Each college and administrative unit will have one vote.

The Chair and Secretary of the committee will rotate through the Academic College Representatives (excluding Veterinary Medicine and the Graduate School) and the term will be one year.

Committee Members

Agriculture (AG)

Jennifer Bormann
alternate: Dan Moser

Architecture, Planning & Design (AR)

Mitzi Farmer
alternate: Katie Kingery-Page 

Arts & Sciences (AS)

Melinda Cro
alternate: Sonya Baker

Business Administration (BA)

Bente Janda
alternate: Alice Niedfeldt

Education (ED)

Roger Schieferecke, Secretary
alternate: Di Murphy

Engineering (EN)

Andy Fund
alternate: Olga Heim

Graduate School (GS)

Scott Schlender

Health and Human Sciences (HHS)

Bronwyn Fees
alternate: Shawna Jordan

Veterinary Medicine (VM)

James Roush

K-State Olathe

Jackie Spears

K-State Salina

Terri Gaeddert, Chair
alternate: Spencer Dickerson

Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

Karen Goos

Vice Provost for Student Success

Jeannie Brown Leonard

Global Campus

Pamela Erickson


Darci Pottroff
alternate: Gary Pratt

Office of Student Life (OSL)

Andy Thompson

Registrar (OR)

Kelley Brundage
alternate: Charlote Pfaff

Faculty Senate Academic Affairs

Brandon Kliewer
alternate: Andy Bennett