Appearance Request

Thank you for your interest in having President Richard Linton and/or First Lady Sally Linton attend your event. The President and First Lady strive to accept as many invitations as possible that support the mission of the university and appreciate your patience.

All event requests will be considered; however, at least 60 days advance notice is preferred. Submission of the form does not guarantee that the President or First Lady will be able to attend the event.

You will receive a confirmation email from the Office of the President once a decision has been made regarding your request.

Appearance Request Form

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the President at (785) 532-6221.

Please note that university business meetings that require the President's attendance should still be scheduled with the President's Executive Assistant, Kristin Holt.

Speaking Request Information

Review the instructions and deadlines below before submitting your request.

If the President or the First Lady will deliver prepared materials at your event, advance notice is required for remarks to be written and approved. The Office of the President will review the full timeline and remarks procedure with you.

All remarks and/or suggested bullet points must be submitted to the President's Executive Assistant ten (10) business days prior to the event.

If this information is not received according to this timeline, the event will be removed from the President and/or First Lady's calendar.

Please keep in mind when submitting draft remarks to also include:

  • Two to three sentences describing the program focus or theme
  • Specific points or messages to be included
  • Who will introduce the President and/or First Lady
  • The length of time the President and/or First Lady is asked to speak
  • Other special instructions (i.e., questions and answer after remarks, special presentations, other introductions, etc.)