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Office of Pre-Law Advising

COVID-19 Update

Advising Meetings

Here are instructions to schedule an advising appointment using SSC/Navigate:

1.       Sign in to SSC in the top right hand corner of the KSU homepage.

2.       Click on "Schedule an Appointment" in the blue box on the right hand side of the page

3.       Select "Advising" for the next two drop down boxes

4.       Select Tracey's name / Pre-Law Advising in the next drop down box

5.       This will open up a calendar of available appointments and you can select a time that will work for you!

6.       On the next page you can add comments. Please indicate in this box whether you would like to meet in person or Zoom. You can also leave comments about what you would like to talk about (i.e. law schools, resumes, classes to consider, etc.). If you would like to discuss application documents (personal statement, resume, etc.), please email your document to traceylee@ksu.edu 48 hours before your meeting time so she can review your work ahead of the meeting.

7.       After you submit you should receive a confirmation email of your appointment!

Tracey Lee, the Pre-Law Advisor, will also be hosting open office hours this semester on Friday afternoons from 2-4pm at this zoom link: https://ksu.zoom.us/j/4745126662. You do not have to make an appointment to join, but you may receive a message in the waiting room about whether there is a wait time due to high demand.